[edit] One Player – One Child Pledge Drive

A pledge page is a great way to encourage people around you to participate in the tournament and contribute towards a noble cause.

Every team has a pledge page that the team can use to raise funds. Contributions are displayed on the pledge pages.

Below are team names and their respective pledge pages. Each contribution go a long way in helping a child..

Teams Contribution amount
Krypton Solutions $0
VENOM 8 $0
VR Lions $0
Irving Chargers I $20
Irving Chargers II $250
Double Ace $0
BIS cobras $140
ETC Crushers $150
ETC Fighters $51
PepsiCo $25
ECOM Dukes & Bandits $175
TI Tornadoes $100
IIN Spot Fixers $105
Wishlist $0
Emerald Parkers $862
Temple Cricket Club $0
Plano Super Kings $0
Reservoir Dogs $0
Indian Tigers $301
The Gems $0
Plano Youth Cricket Club $0
Warriors $0
Super Kings $0
Rough Riders $450
Dallas Sunrisers $0
Dallas Cowboys $0
Dallas Mavericks $0
Ice Pack $125
Dallas Knight Riders $0
Wild Cats $25
Daring Divas $1141
Royal Smashers $395
Total $4493

These results will be updated periodically.

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