[edit] Texas Scottish Rite Hospital

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children is one of the nation's leading pediatric centers for the treatment of orthopedic conditions, sports injuries and fractures, as well as certain related arthritic and neurological disorders and learning disorders, such as dyslexia. Patients receive treatment regardless of the family's ability to pay.

For more information, to volunteer or to make a donation, please call 214-559-5000 or 800-421-1121 or visit


CITY House is a large home located near downtown Plano, Texas and houses about 10 to 15 children at any point of time. Children who are removed from their families when a need for intervention is felt, are housed in CITY House temporarily until they can be reunited with their families or found a place in a long term shelter/camp. Currently CITY House is the only facility of it's kind in Collin County. Many children are unable to get the kind of support extended by City House due to the lack of such facilities in the county.

Vibha Dallas helped City House by:

  • Donating 10% of the Dream Mile Proceeds
  • Cooking breakfast/lunch for the children
  • Volunteering at CITY House
  • Organizing a book drive in conjuction with the walk

For more information visit

[edit] Heart House

Dallas Chapter of Vibha has supported Dallas based Heart House, a free after school program dedicated to providing a safe haven and academic support to low-income children and encouraging them to be good citizens.

Vibha Dallas helped Heart House by:

  • Donating 10% of the VibhaWalk 2004 Proceeds
  • Sponsoring quarterly birthday parties
  • Organizing a book/toy drive in conjuction with the walk

For more information visit

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