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Vibha Dallas Volunteer Meeting
Volunteers meet regularly every month.
Check Home Page for details OR
Contact us at (214) 267-8424/info@dallas.vibha.org for more information.

The Dallas Action Center volunteers meet on a monthly basis, for discussions on the projects that Vibha supports and planning for local fundraising events. The meetings are informal, relaxed and very friendly. Many of the volunteers who are with Vibha today just decided to show up at a meeting. As volunteers are fond of saying, 'Change a child's life and see it change your own!' We hope to see you at the next meeting!

Please email info@dallas.vibha.org for information about the next meeting.

If meetings do not work for you, you can still choose to volunteer for specific tasks. To learn more about the volunteering opportunites at Vibha, email us at info@dallas.vibha.org or simply SIGN UP and a Vibha volunteer will contact you. It's that simple! We are always looking for people with the following skills:

  • Creative/writing - develop newsletters, sponsorship kits, author fundraising letters, etc.
  • Public relations - design and execute outreach campaigns to reach new volunteers, supporters, patrons, media, etc.
  • Project management - help organize local fund raisers and execute national Vibha programs.
  • Web authoring skills - create and maintain local and national web pages.
  • Graphic design skills - design fliers, catalogs, pamphlets, posters, brochures, etc.
  • Artistic skills - raise funds for Vibha through fund raisers featuring the artist in you.

Every small step helps. Together we can create a brighter future!

Vibha is a 501 (c) (3) organization, registered in the State of New Jersey. Vibha's Tax ID is 22-3122761.
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