[edit] Experience at Rachana Health Camp

Facts and Figures:

Number of Kids: 104
Age Group: 4-15
Number of Vibha Volunteers: 14
Number of Doctors: 3
Temperature: 40 C

Classroom = Health Clinic

Once team reached there, Hina and her team took charge of Site-Decoration. She got help from everyone including Rahul, Aditya, Puneet, Sayali, Dolly, Anna (from Chicago) and Anna (from Switzerland). Team warmed-up for big health-camp by inflating balloons. It was nice ice-breaking for entire team. With each and every bursting balloon team was getting more comfortable for the health-camp.

Doctors were being helped by volunteers to set-up a mini health clinic. Apurva joined Dental department with Dr Renuka Surpur. Dr. Renuka sketched a nice structure of our teeth within no time. Neha took charge of eye check-up with Dr. Venkatesh and Dr Prachi. Mihir along with Sayali and Dolly managed the registration desk where Health-Cards were issued with basic information like Name, Age, Height, Weight etc.

Within 15 minutes a class room was transformed into a clinic. Exam-papers were replaced with health-cards, teachers were substituted with Doctors. Only thing that didn’t change was those kids. In previous workshops those kids impressed everyone with their knowledge and creative index. This time they were to be tested on different parameters. Instead of testing their brain, doctors were checking their body. Main objective of entire health-camp was to detect any health issues so that it can be treated as early as possible.

Health-Camp Pipeline

Kids enter the check-up room and go to registration desk directly. There a health-card gets issued to them. Then they go for Dental check-up, followed by ENT (Ear Nose Throat) and CVS/RS (Cardio-vascular-respiratory) tests. Towards the end of the check-up their eyes get tested.

Everything went as per plan, in spite of unbearable heat and no fans. Doctors and Volunteers worked non-stop for 3 hrs to test all the 104 kids. All the test results were recorded in Health-Card to be used for further follow-up.
While Kids were waiting…

Biggest challenge for Volunteers was to keep other kids involved with some activities, before and after their health-check. But team came prepared for it. Sheetal, Hina, Rahul, Aditya and Puneet managed it well by distributing Papers, Pens, and Colors to those kids. Approximately, 50 houses were constructed, 30 dolls were made, and 40 cycles/cars were assembled in "art-land" in a matter of 2 hours. Once again those kids proved their artistic skills.
After displaying their piece of art in the Art-Gallery, kids proceeded for Lunch. And then they were busy playing games in front of School. Finally the last health-card was issued at 1:30 PM and Clinic was dismantled. After the health-camp Vibha volunteers proceeded for team lunch and celebrated their successful execution of first health camp in Pune. Team will again be ready for next health-camp with DSS on 26-April.

Follow-Up Activities:

All the kids who have been recommended for further checks will be taken to hospitals along with teachers and parents. Team has spoken to groups like Samvedana (NGO for medical assistance) for follow-up and treatment activities. Team will conduct similar health-camps in future in collaboration with other groups like Samvedana, Saathi-Sehat, DSS, Rachana, etc to make sure that each and every kid stays healthy and educated.

Vote of Thanks

Vibha and Rachna team thank Dr. Venkatesh, Dr, Prachi and Dr. Renuka for being part of this health-camp. Special thanks to Konde Sir for making all the arrangements. It was tough getting 100 kids during summer vacation but he made it possible. Vibha_Pune team did a great job at planning the entire event. Being first health-camp organized by this group, it needed different kind of preparation and team worked hard on it.

Rohit did a perfect job at managing the entire event. It wouldn’t have been possible without his detailed planning and regular follow-ups with all the other coordinators. Rohit’s idea of having regular Conference calls for Core-Team worked really well. Team was prepared for it. And will do well for next Health-Camp under his leadership.

Sheetal, did a great job in setting up the entire eco-system of Doctors and follow-up activities. He has established important links with groups like Samvedana and Saathi-Sehat for future health-camp related activities and follow-up treatment for diagnosed kids. As always Sheetal was famous with Kids. He also conducted Pictionary-101 with those kids.

Apurva found a new profession this Saturday. I don’t think he’ll be comfortable in his office desk after working as assistant to Dr. Renuka for 3 Hrs. Now he knows all the secrets of Strong teeth and beautiful smile. This guy had great Stamina. He didn’t even ask for water during the entire camp. Actually he didn’t have to ask because our hospitality team kept supplying it at regular intervals

Hina, a new Volunteer took responsibility of entire shopping and supplies and did it with great perfection. She and Apurva arranged everything required for the health-camp. There is no need to shop even for next health-camp. That’s what they call proactive shopping

Neha and Mihir, added spark to the event by committed Volunteering throughout the event. They both come from a family full of Doctors and it reflected with their professionalism. They compliment each other quite well. e.g. Neha didn’t sit during the entire event and Mihir didn’t get up from his chair during the entire event

Sayali and Dolly, the T-shirt twins, took charge of height-weight measurements and did it with lot of patience and perfection blended with their Smiles. Towards the end they were little tired and thus confused between height and weight but that’s fine, "Chief Medical Officer" Mihir was sitting on top of them

Sheetal, Hina, Puneet, Rahul, Aditya and Anna(s), managed the show in Art-Land. It was tough managing 100 healthy kids while other 4 were being tested in adjacent room. Moreover there was some communication gap because of language barrier. Some volunteers tried to pick few Marathi words but only Sheetal, Rahul and Aditya could break the ice with those kids. Team really missed Nilesh a lot. He couldn’t join for this health camp because of some health issues. Hope he recovers well and joins for next health-camp.

Anna McNally and Anna Stauffer joined this camp for the first time. They both are in India for almost one year as a part of Rotary Youth Exchange Program. It was encouraging to see these two young girls staying far-far away from their families while getting different flavors of India. Anna (from Chicago) couldn’t resist checking everyone’s age just to proof that she is the youngest among all. Not just youngest, also most talkative among all :) . Anna (Swiss girl) was quite comfortable in this stranger group. When team ran out of Mineral water, Sheetal & Puneet arranged for bore-well water. When team told Anna that its not mineral water... her response was “I can eat Pani-Puri” This time team couldn’t involve them fully, but hope to see you both for next health-camp.

Mr. Koppikar, (team’s Role Model) has always been a motivation for Pune team. He is almost 75, but he is always the last person to get tired, last one to ask for a break; but always the first one to smile. Its always fun seeing him overtake everyone while driving

Janardan, camera-man and reporter for the event, couldn’t do much for this event because of geographical constraints, but will try to contribute more for the next health-camp.

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