[edit] Workshop for children of Ranjane Village

Volunteers of Vibha, Pune (Mr Koppikar, Nilesh, Ashima, Puneet, Apoorva, Sheetal, Dr. Venkatesh, Janardan and Poornima) conducted a workshop for the children at Ranjane village. This event was mainly co-ordinated and organized by Ashima.

Experience at the workshop as narrated by Puneet:

It was an amazing and a touching experience for to spend a day with so many naughty, yet cute kids. It was a great feeling to see all those kids with a HUGE smile on their faces all day! Frankly, I didn't expect the activities that we all had planned, to run so smooth throughout the workshop; and obviously the credit goes to the great teamwork exhibited on the day. I remember Mr. Koppikar telling me while he was dropping me back, that he was quite nervous the day before, as he wasn't too sure if sufficient number of people would turn up to pull it off. But by the end of it, I think he was one of the happiest people in the team. :) More...

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