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I found '' while searching myself over Google. I was always interested in working with kids, and while going through the various projects which Vibha was sponsoring and working with, I decided to join the team. Soon i was part of Vibha_Pune. For our first workshop we went to meet kids of a primary school - and the experience just can't be expressed in words. That weekend couldn't have been better. Loved watching kids having fun and laughter, enjoying and participating in various games, working as a team for 'collage-making' and the stampede for the various gift-items!!. It was like being sent back in time to school days. All of us team members, who were strangers to each other at start of day, worked together as though we had known each other for a long time. Will look forward to all the workshops with Vibha.


It was an amazing experience to play with children at Sangrun. Good part of our workshop was we were having the theme “team-work & unity” that got reflected from our games, and children also enjoyed it a lot. Thanks to Vibha for encouraging such activities which are trying to imbibe values in our future generation which will going to build a good and strong nation.

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Before the first meeting with Vibha volunteers, we were a bit apprehensive about how the group will be. Will it be similar to other NGOs, only dedicated to donations, will it be just talking with no action, etc. But all our doubts about Vibha vanished after the very first meeting. The modus operandi of the group has been liberal, yet planned, from the workshop inception till its execution. The importance given to individual time, helped to work on the preparations along with the professional commitments. Everything has been memorable and has given life long moments to treasure. Would never be able to forget the smiles on those little children’s faces. Looking forward to more of these cherished moments!

Pushpam & Meenal

We came to know about Vibha from Janardan and the moment I heard about it, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Mihir and I always wanted to work for the needy and this proved to be the right organization for us as we both love kids. We were planning for this workshop since our 1st meeting in Pune UniversityJ. And I am glad it did happen after 3 more meetings. The workshop planning was done very meticulously and precisely keeping in mind the time constraint of the kids and volunteers. The events were divided amongst all of us giving each one the feeling of ownership. One thing we were not prepared for was this fabulous response! We entered the temple hall and were amazed to see the number of kids present!!! My 1st reaction was Oh my God, how are we going to handle them!!! But thanks to Nilesh’s naare, we (rather he) managed the kids very well before the events began. Once they did begin it was a complete joy ride for us as well as the kids. The kids showed a lot of exuberance and participated in each activity with a lot of enthusiasm. Me and Mihir had a fun time organizing the quiz. While preparing the quiz, we enjoyed working on the images section of the quiz and had fun conducting it too. I guess all of us had underestimated the kids as they answered each question almost in chorus. On behalf of Mihir, I would like to mention one thing specifically. He really enjoyed the collage activity and doing it with those kids was more fun than we have ever had doing it all by ourselves. Except the gifts distribution part (which did go slightly unplanned, which we will definitely take up on high priority while planning for next workshop ;)), all the event went on as planned. Waiting eagerly for the next activity.

Neha & Mihir

The look on their faces, their innocent eyes, and a room filled with giggles and laughter, naughtiness spread all over the place-trust me everything there is worth your time!!!! This was the first workshop organized by the Vibha Pune Team. It was eventful, adventurous, fun and above all a great learning experience. Each one of us instantly became a part of them. Language did not seem to be a barrier at all. I was amazed to see the over enthusiastic kids willing to learn everything you wanted to teach them. It was more of a give and take experience. Their creativity and brightness stumped me for sure!!! I enjoyed working with them on a Donald Duck collage. I deliberately took all the girls for this activity since they were definitely more diligent and soberJ. The end result was perfect and once again the little ones taught me that cc-ordination and team work produces the best of results. I learnt how they are not at all different from us. They are as talented, as aware and as intelligent as any one of us. I also learnt how just a little bit of effort made by us makes a big difference in their lives. I feel so happy to be associated with an organization with such a thoughtful cause. I want to congratulate each and every person associated with Vibha for making this effort fruitful and I hope we bring more smiles and more joys in the lives of these children.


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