[edit] Volunteer with Vibha

Would you like to participate in our events and contribute to the cause of underprivileged children? Click here to join as a volunteer.

[edit] Open Volunteer Tasks

Here are some of the ongoing activities at Pune Action Center which you can contribute to as a volunteer.

Sr. No. Work with Activity Description Skills
1 Project Publicity Website updates, creating/updating project materials like brochure, CDs, annual reports... Web Designing, Photography, Content writer
2 Project Publicity Making use of IT for networking & showcasing NGOs work posted on famous sites Writing Articles/Blogs
3 Project Accounting Improving accounting system for these NGOs. Back-office work
4 Corporate Marketing Networking with corporate world - leveraging on CSR concept and getting help in kind or cash for the projects. Networking
5 Project Consulting Helping the projects in doing research on various govt. schemes, application procedure, paper work, networking with govt. department etc... Networking
6 Project Consulting Helping the project in doing research in funding resources, making application, preparing budgets, paperwork, helping projects in making ppt to potential donors etc... Presentation
7 Project Campaigns Helping in specific need of the project. For example - Rachana kids need 2nd hand cycles to travel to far off higher secondary schools/colleges & 2nd hand sewing machines for the older girls and SHG women. Networking
8 Children Workshop Organize Indoor games which are new for them. Involve Mr. Arvind Gupta Toy Foundation or getting teachers to look at his low cost science experiments. Getting CTF toy van to Pune projects. Visit to Pabal Vigyan Ashram for the older group Games
9 Children Workshop Painting, Rangoli, Pottery, Drawing Art
10 Children Workshop Personality development workshops which will help in preparing them for interviews and jobs. Contact Yuvaparivartan – and other vocational training centers Theatre, Training, Communication
11 Children Workshop Vedic math workshop for different grades Maths
12 Children Workshop Singing classes. Teach musical instruments. Music as a therapy. Music
13 Children Workshop Screening of children's film and discussions/debates on the same Films/TV
14 All Publicity CFB(Child Friendly Builder): getting the overall community involved in making sure children of all migrant laborers are given an opportunity to be educated. Caimpaign
15 Media/Press Publicity DSS has 10 builders in Pune that actually call DSS whenever they start a building. We need to get a series of press coverage going with one article per builder in the local press highlighting these builders as “child friendly builders” along with DSS and Vibha. This in-turn should ofcourse entice other builders to start the same. Write Press Articles and blogs
16 All Consulting Tracking kids as they go from one construction site to another. If we can come up with a technical/process solution for this then it will be great. e.g use RFID/GPS/GSM anything thats practically possible. Technical/Process
Vibha is charitable trust registered under section 80G of the Income Tax Act of India.
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