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[edit] Vibha Children's Day (2nd & 3rd Std) - Hope School, KB Sandra
Nov. 29th, 2008

Vibha Bangalore Team

Do you feel irritated after hearing some one shouting in a shrilling voice? Dude, that voice brings devil out of me. But things are changing, now those voices are no more pain to my ears. Now those voices rejuvenate me, inspire me to work harder. I have inhaled those changes because these voices belong to none other than the children at hope school. Their 'Sakkar flavoured' voice raises the mercury of motivation. Motivation to make our efforts more focused to help both ourselves and them.

This was the last Saturday (29 Nov), when we added another day in the list of successful day at HOPE. This time we were nine in all. The whole event was divided into 4 sessions. Out of 4 session, 3 sessions were the activity/fun sessions and the forth session was the outdoor games and breakfast session.

To conduct 3 activity sessions, Ashish assigned each of us in a team. One team was led by Payal, other by Arvind and third team's coordination responsibility was with me. All these three events were supposed to be conducted in parallel. We all were set with our weapons engaged but still the corridor was not echoing with namaste sir. Here it came "NAMASTE SIR", it repeated more than a dozen times. So there it was all set. Participants were ready and umpires were positioned.Now we were waiting to ring the bell. More...

[edit] Vibha Children's Day (1st Std) - Hope School, KB Sandra
Oct. 18th, 2008

Vibha Bangalore Team

On the dawn of 18th, we started a journey, the pursuit of happiness ;). We were excited thinking of our previous hilarious experiences with the kids.

Adventures for Venky began early in the morning when he found that getting Potter's wheel inside the car is not an easy job. The wheel was made of clay, so rolling it was out of question. It had to be lifted. It was too heavy to carry even for 3-4 of us.. and Venky and Abhay dint have any source of help.. huh!! With some great effort they were able to get the potter and his wheel inside. Considering this, they reached school about half an hour late but we were overwhelmed !! Abhay and his creamy trouser, already enjoying the flavor of the Potter's wheel, Venky ,all sweating, and Payal finally reached the school (new campus).

In the mean time Lakshmi had started preparations for the treasure hunt. When we all saw the charts and clues that were prepared by Lakshmi we were awestruck. It was such an effort, drawing/painting charts (at least six of them), for each chart having different pictures, numbers and clues. It was amazing. So before Abhay/Venky/payal reached the school, Lakshmi with the help of Jey, Satish, Vishal, had hidden all the clues. When Abhay reached, the treasure hunt team was ready. Then Lakshmi explained them the plan. More...

[edit] Vibha Children's Day (UKG) - Hope School, KB Sandra - Sep. 13th, 2008

Vibha Bangalore Team

It was midnight!!! Well, seemed so at least until I realised it was my alarm and not some duet in my dreams!!! :(

Pulled myself up; got ready and headed to HSR where Jeydev was to pick me up. Reached my pick up point right on time, way beyond my expectations. Jeydev picked me up in awhile. Saw a new face in the car, who introduced himself as Janardhan. I generally am at ease breaking the ice but for no good reason I preferred to stick on to my sleepy self. Purushotham, aka Puru, was also in the car - some ‘HI’s and ‘HELLO’s exchanged. Next stop was for Mr.Biplab Roy, aka Roy, at Koramangala. We reached ROTARY at 07:05 to find Venky, Sunil and Ashish waiting there already. As Ashish and Sunil got introduced to the rest, Abhay joined us too, and we were all set to go to HOPE. We stopped for tea on the way in one of the udipi-trademark "SOME-sagar" restaurant and then reached HOPE. Thanks to Jeydev once again for guiding us all there. By the way, just in case any of you didn’t know, Puru and Janardhan are brothers, in that order.

So off we started with decorating the walls; Puru, Ashish and Roy were at full flow hanging down colored paper strips from every possible space, using every inch of their creative cells available. Abhay, Venky and Jey were framing out the logistics and deciding where to hold the events since we now had two campuses, both at walkable distances from one another. Sunil and Janardhan lent the helping hands, for creating model sketches, which the kids would use for their drawing sessions. Meanwhile, Rajesh and Shekar joined us with their rejuvenation kit – the cakes and drinks. More...

[edit] Vibha Children's Day (LKG) - Hope School, KB Sandra - Aug. 9th, 2008

Vibha Bangalore Team

"How far that little candle throws his beams! 
So shines a good deed in a weary world." - William Shakespeare

My words fail as I write this thank you note for each one of us. It was such a wonderful experience when we saw all of us so engrossed in the activities to make it a special day for the kids.

Early morning (7:15 AM), we reached at Rotary house packed with all
enthusiasm. We had our Transport and logistics Director Jaydev waiting for
everybody. We followed his car and reached Hope. Thanks to Jaydev's sense of
direction that we were able to make it on time and he made sure that
everyone else who was not following us was guided and they reach safe.
Thanks again Jaydev!

Pooja, Payal, Charu, Vinaya, Ayesha, Rossane & Puru – Our decoration
partners started with the decoration and painted the place in a real
festive mood. Thanks to you guys, you all have an amazing sense. I am sure
now each one of you can pursue interior designing as a second career. More...

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