Project HEARDS Visit
Location - Chittor district, Andhra Pradesh

Date - 28/2/2015
Time - 5.30AM to 6.30PM.

Our visit to HEARDS was super duper:)

We visited Shankaria gunta center. Here are the details below.

We ( Arun,Basheer, Govind, Mithila, ,Sunitha,Swathi , Tej and Venky started our Super 8 journey, We left Bangalore early in the morning and reached Chittoor by 10 AM. We called Sajan (From HEARDS) and he guided us the way towards the play groumd. We reached the place by 10.15

The HEARDS special school kids are very energetic and enthusiastic. We received a warm welcome from teachers and students.We got a nice welcome with flowers.

We all were eager to meet each other (as if the day was just meant for that meeting). The moment we said hi, the kids were so excited that we do not know how to express in words. I can say, we can just feel those happy moments and you all missed something!!!!

The first task was parent teacher meeting:

arrange all the games and then interact with the kids by providing juices to them,

We interacted with Sajan and 4 teachers for fifteen minutes.

After the interactive session, Sajan introduced the teachers.

Ø Kavitha
Ø Malar
Ø Bujji
Ø Manjula

After that we had decided that we will spend time with the kids by planning some games; I must say a very calm and nice place which is perfect for our sports day.

It was a huge ground and we all knew it was enough for us to conduct all activities.

We started playing the games by 10.45.

We started with the first intro game by mixing all the 4 color bands. As decided earlier we asked them to pick one friendship band and later formed 4 groups with those colors. Teachers are always there to help us with anything and they were assisting us with everything!!!

We got some our four teams, the kids were of a small age 6-10 years so therefore we just started with the games we had.

By around 11 we started the games; We planned games with all seven groups. we played the below mentioned games and everyone had a chance to concentrate with a smaller group and we were able to give attention to all 40 kids.

The Games we played:

1) Bucket and the ball game.

2) Relay

3) Hula Hoop (Making the hula hoop and jumping with the ring to complete the race)

4) Filling the bottle

5) Cricket

6) The Pyramid game ( paper cups contain some letters, kids need to arrange them)

7) Lemon and spoon

8) passing the Hurdle.

9) Passing the Parcel and we also made the staff to play the games:) the person who is out had to sing, dance and these kids are super talented what classical dance, what western dance all rajinath, danush would not compete with these kids:P

Lunch: We all had lunch together; it was delicious at 12.40

10) The parachute fun game - always this game just bring so much of joy, fun and happiness:)

The above mentioned game was played after the lunch

The kids told us that they liked all the games some of them told that their favorite games from the above games, It was nice and memorable time spent with them :)

We distributed the gifts which were a fancy stationery box, chocolates and then at the end we left colorful tattoo stamp on their hands.

Teachers informed us at center 1 that they divided the kids into different groups and same at center two. I am writing again so that the who are not aware can get the information.

Group A - those who do not know anything

Group B - Those who know the English alphabets

Group C - Those who know to frame words

Group D - Those who know to frame sentence.

Teachers are very helpful and caring. They make sure that the kids understand what is taught, The subjects which they teach are English, Hindi, Math’s and Telugu. They informed us that as these kids are trying hard to learn and they motivate them on regular bases and make sure that they get the basic educations. After this they are shifted to a government school!

The kids are very sharp. All they need is love and support which is possible by HEARDS Visit.

Many kids were very happy by playing all those games and spending time with us and when the teachers asked them to tell their experience. They said that they never had such a wonderful & fun filled day and they enjoyed playing the games, They also thanked us for spending time with them.

Sajan informed me that first center kids wanted to meet us so therefore we visited the same. I love spending time with these kids as they miss me and I miss them too!!!!

Distributed chocolates, juice. Interacted with everyone and felt every bad to leave the place. I wish these centers were near!!! I felt like I met my extended family after a long time.

The things that we know but some new volunteer do not know so writing again, they informed us what HEARDS do to rescue the kids. She mentioned that it takes a lot of efforts to rescue the kids, sometimes they have do this by force or sometimes take help of the labor department or police and rescue this kids, make sure that they get proper education. She also mentioned that they have keen eye on tea stalls, hotels, construction work place and domestic industries to check of kids are involved. What we all felt is its not a easy task to bring back the kid from not being a child labor because sometimes parents are also least bothered and they just do not care!!!!

They also showed the unique method of teaching which they have adapted in the special school. we all know we remember the things which are visual rather than being read. For example we all remember what happened in daily soap or a movie but don't remember completely we read that day:P.

They use some technique in HEARDS kids are given more practical training, few listed below: ( this is been added again to make sure that everyone are aware)

1) They have some drawing from which they learn the objects. Example they have a house painting and the kid tells us what he can see also the spelling. One of the kids told us what he can see in the picture (like door, woman, window, water tank, wall, broomstick, plans, trees etc)

2) They have different charts made. like the animal chart, birds chat, great leaders chat, flowers, fruit and etc chats. They can not only identify the object but are also able to spell those words This way they learn English and Hindi.

3) Teaching Math - they have few softdrink lids which are used for counting and they have simple math easy technique for tables,additions and subtraction things.

4) Each center has computer. They have some teaching software, where the object appears and the kid need to type that word. for example apple picture is visible they need to type the word apple.

5) For learning capital and small letters - a empty match box is used its covered with a white paper. The upper cover will have the capital letter and the smaller letter will be inside when you open the box, This is one of the creative method of making you remember things.

For Telugu letter the aa and aaa letters are together in the box.

6) There are some news paper cutting which contains the English proverbs and the story is explained in Telugu. I must say the kids can tell you the story and the moral of the story.

7) The daily life lessons are written in a chat. Example respect teachers, never lie, never fight, be a good friend, respect friends, always say the truth, early to bed, early to rise etc which our parents thought us when we were kids just to make sure we were well mannered.

After knowing the things in details all we can see that we are proud to be associated with such a wonderful special school and of course the sweet kids.

Date - 7/7/2012 Time - 5.30AM to 6.30PM.

Our aim is to interact with kids, understand the project and it goals. How Vibha is part of it. For more info about Project -

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