[edit] Vibha Children's Day (LKG) - Hope School, KB Sandra - Aug. 9th, 2008

- Abhay - Vibha Bangalore Team

"How far that little candle throws his beams! 
So shines a good deed in a weary world." - William Shakespeare

My words fail as I write this thank you note for each one of us. It was such a wonderful experience when we saw all of us so engrossed in the activities to make it a special day for the kids.

Early morning (7:15 AM), we reached at Rotary house packed with all
enthusiasm. We had our Transport and logistics Director Jaydev waiting for
everybody. We followed his car and reached Hope. Thanks to Jaydev's sense of
direction that we were able to make it on time and he made sure that
everyone else who was not following us was guided and they reach safe.
Thanks again Jaydev!

Pooja, Payal, Charu, Vinaya, Ayesha, Rossane &  Puru – Our decoration
partners started with the decoration and painted the  place in a real
festive mood. Thanks to you guys, you all have an amazing sense. I am sure
now each one of you can pursue interior designing as a second career.

Arvind and Rams our Photographers were donning their cameras and clicking
the photographs of everyone and everything there. Arvind was giving a tough
competition to Rams. Arvind, you made the place lively by posing for Rams
camera. It was a lively atmosphere and thanks to our photographers or I
should say our Photography and video partners.

By 8:30 Am Ramya, Pradeep, Rajesh with his friends Shilpa, Shekhar were with
us. Ramya, Pradeep and Rams decided on the story telling part and Rajesh and
his friend's set-up the music.

9:15 AM We were all set for the big event. Everyone had worked hard and was waiting for the real events to beging. I could have seen the creative lead
Payal bubbling with so many ideas in her mind. They devided the teams into
tow Yellow team (Payal, Pooja, Vinaya) and Violet Team (Charu, Puru, Ayesha,
Rossane). This was done to make ourselves feel like kids once again.

9:30 AM The kids were divided into two groups and the first group reached
the terrace. The kids were lost to see so many new faces. Charu , Arvind and
the entire team started interacting with them in Tamil. We could have seen
Pooja's desperate effort to speak few Kannada words. The Violet team headed
by Charu and the Yellow team headed by Payal started with the Beads Race.
Everyone was busy explaining the kids about the game. Soon the game started
and the children started liking it. There was so much of emotions flowing
that any one could have seen the kid inside us wanting to break free and be
kids all over again. Rossane was engrossed with the kids and danced with
them. Everyone was having their share of fun. Rajesh started dancing in
between with the kids and the kids started dancing too. How can I forget
that song Zinkh Marina…….

Charu christened Puru as Mama. It was altogether a fun to see Charu pulling
Mama's leg.

The painting competition was the funniest of them all. I could have seen all
our artists trying their hand. We have a real mastery in making flowers and
cat. Everyone was busy drawing flower or a cat.

Downstairs there was a different set of kids listening to our storytellers
Ramya, Pradeep, Rams, Shekhar and Shilpa. The kids were all enthusiastic and
mingled very nicely with the team. I must say our story tellers are the best
as they made these kids be a part of the story so that they enjoy the most.
Amazing guys!

In all this excitement, the break time arrived and the kids were offered
snacks and orange drink. Rams and Charu, Thank you for arranging for all
these. The kids really loved that and were enjoying the snacks.

It was 11:00 AM and we were all set for swapping the groups. The first set
of kids were sent down for the story telling part and the other set came
upstairs for the Jodo and the bead race activity. Jaydev came up with the
idea of making the UKG kids also a part of the activity. This was really
great idea. We asked Miss Kala to send the kids. They joined the groups and
the party begun with yet new energy and enthusiasm. The kids were by now in
groove and so were the volunteers.

The best part was to come at the last when our Dance Director awed us with
her skills. Rossane was awesome to watch. The children were all excited and
yelled and danced together with Rossane. She guided them with her funny
gestures and they followed her steps.  It was a sight to see. Rossane and
Arvind made it really special for the children. I have memorized the song
Zink Marina. Rossane and Arving my special thanks to you guys. You made the
event a lasting memory for each one of us and the kids. I am sure Rossane
can start her dance class and I shall be your first student.

We never realized how time passed in all this enthusiasm and excitement. It
was 12:00 PM and time for us to distribute the certificates. Ramya and
Rossane handed over the participation certificate to the kids. At last the
kids left with a happy face and we had a heavy heart as we all wanted to
spend some more time with them. We paked our bags and posed for Jey's and
Rams cameras.

I wish we have such events time and again and we all be a part of it. It's a
different feeling to do a small thing which goes a long way in the lives of
many children like this.

[edit] Pictures from the Event

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