[edit] Vibha Children's Day (2nd & 3rd Std) - Hope School, KB Sandra - Nov. 29th, 2008

- Vishal - Vibha Bangalore Team

Do you feel irritated after hearing some one shouting in a shrilling voice? Dude, that voice brings devil out of me. But things are changing, now those voices are no more pain to my ears. Now those voices rejuvenate me, inspire me to work harder. I have inhaled those changes because these voices belong to none other than the children at hope school. Their 'Sakkar flavoured' voice raises the mercury of motivation. Motivation to make our efforts more focused to help both ourselves and them.

This was the last Saturday (29 Nov), when we added another day in the list of successful day at HOPE. This time we were nine in all. The whole event was divided into 4 sessions. Out of 4 session, 3 sessions were the activity/fun sessions and the forth session was the outdoor games and breakfast session.

To conduct 3 activity sessions, Ashish assigned each of us in a team. One team was led by Payal, other by Arvind and third team's coordination responsibility was with me. All these three events were supposed to be conducted in parallel. We all were set with our weapons engaged but still the corridor was not echoing with namaste sir. Here it came "NAMASTE SIR", it repeated more than a dozen times. So there it was all set. Participants were ready and umpires were positioned.Now we were waiting to ring the bell.

At 9 o'clock it was sri ganesha for the event. Children were divided into three groups. First group was sent to play pictionary with Arvind, second group joined me to participate in quiz and last group was with Payal to hunt for baba adam's hidden treasure. 3 sessions were the activity/fun sessions and the forth session was the outdoor games and breakfast session.

I would start with the treasure hunt team. Here comes the hidden contributions in limelight. Lakshmi again showed her wings of imaginations in setting up the hunt for the treasure. Her passion and thinking were evident in her drawings. Payal along with Pooja, Ashish, Abhay, Jaydev were instructing children for the event.

In the words of Ashish event went as follows:
We started off with Payal explaining the game to us. Hiding the clues was the fun part. We had so many clues to hide, so we were search the place which is not so easy to find yet findable. We hid clues at all kind of places we could think of.. under chair, behind drainage pipeline :O, holes in the wall... and what not.. :D For Treasure hunt kids were split into 5 groups. Each of us had to work with a team. We took help from teacher for few things to be explained to kids. But when we found that some of the guys knew hindi.. my smile doubled its size.. :D :D .. Guys who knew hindi became our translators.. this was also great fun and learning.. After it was explained, actual game started, kids were solving there puzzles (awesome puzzles.. reading mirror images of sentences was the one I was handling and kids turned out to be soopersmart.. they didnt need a mirror to read.. they read it as it is.. wow!!), searching for the clues. Next 15min were full of rush.. all kids running around and hunting the treasure.. And guys you know what, in all the three sessions Payal's team won, do i need to say anything more ;)

On the other hand Arvind and Venky were busy in pictionary event. Arvind's word on Pictionary:
To be specific, although cliched, the kids were enthusiastic. Though they didnt understand what some of the words meant, their efforts to learn it, in a jiffy, and the attempts to convey it through whatever little knowledge they had of drawing, should be appreciated. We spotted everything from Confusion, Mockery, helping the opponents' team etc to the intelligent 'understood' look, 'I am ready for it' attitude and the 100 watts glow on the faces when the team found out the word...! Overall, an interesting event.

The 3rd event was the quiz, which was taken care of by satish and me. To guide children well, we took help of school teachers also. We told each and every instruction in 3 languages(Hindi, Tamil, Kannada). That strategy worked very well with the children. We underestimated the knowledge of those kids, they broke all barriers of expectations by answering almost every question. The quiz comprised of 4 rounds. First round was to mark common articles in the sheet given to them. In the second round they searched cities ain map. Third round was question/Answer round and in the fourth round they had to perform one activity(e.g blowing up the balloon, Threading the needle, solving jigsaw puzzle). I hope, for kids it was not an orthodox, boring quiz game. Prasenjit was also there with us in the quiz event.

Whole of the event was under the surveillance of jeydev's camera. Its keen focus and strong flash was always there with us. Where ever you wanted a click, Jaydev will appear with camera in his hands and would catch the moment.

In between these sessions there were breakfast and game sessions too. In the game session kids did not even permit us to touch the ball. One of them told me, "aap bacho ke sath kheloge kya?".

Once all the three sessions were over, chocolates and certificates were distributed among all the children. Prizes were awarded to the winners. The session was tiring but we did not let our energy level go down. Did i tell about the speciality of the event? No, abba how can I forget this? This time we decorated the main gate and the rooms. For the first time, we all were putting our efforts under the name of vibha (Banner was there) officially.

Kudos to vibha .

[edit] Pictures from the Event

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