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Krishna Kanhaiya is a depiction of some of the stories from the childhood of Lord Krishna.

The show opens on the newly married couple, Devaki and Vasudev. They are greeted by Devaki’s parents Padmavathy and Ugrasen. Kamsa, Devaki’s loving brother, joins along with his ministers Chanura and Mushtika. The happy family environment is interrupted by “Akasavani” who announces that Kamsa will be killed by the eight child of Devaki. Kamsa gets agitated and throws Vasudev and Devaki in jail. On objection from Ugrasen, Kamsa places Ugrasen and Padmavathy under house arrest.

Kamsa and his ministers are confused and don’t know what to do. Narada, the universal maharshi has a celestial assignment, he enters the scene and sets Kamsa in the right direction.

In the second scene, Devaki and Vasudev are in a jail, Kamsa kills their first born baby, and kills all 7 babies in a succession. Vishnu appears in front of Devaki and Vasudev, explains that he will be born as their eight child. Narada announces the auspicious moment of the birth of Lord Vishnu as Krishna!

Under the guidance of Akasavani, Vasudev takes baby boy, crosses river Yamuna, reaches Gokul, exchanges for a girl baby and returns to the jail. Mysteriously, Yamuna splits to pave way for the Lord to cross the mighty Yamuna, the jail doors open and close and guards go off to sleep, at the right time. Kamsa is alerted to the newly born, the much awaited eight child of Devaki. Kamsa tries to kill the baby, but is unsuccessful. Kamsa threatens Vasudev to find out how all this happened, but to no avail.

In the third scene, we get to peek into the beautiful world of Gokul, where Lord Krishna is at play. The scene opens with “dahi handi”, where little Krishna tries to get to the butter. Balaram alerts Yasoda that Krishna has been eating clay, on confrontation, Yasoda realizes that universe is Him! Then there are couple of stories around how Krishna enlightened the lives of the sweet people from Gokul. In this scene there is depiction of how Krishna dealt with the motherly love of Yasoda and took care of the people around him in his own way.

In the fourth scene, children are playing around the river and accidentally kick the ball in to the river. But, no one dares to enter the river, as it has been made poisonous by the vicious serpent “Kaliya”. Krishna enters the river, quashes the ego of the serpent and dispatches him to another area. Krishna appears at the bequest of his mother Yasoda. Entire village is scare but happy that Kaliya is no longer a threat and that little Krishna is safe.

In the fifth scene, Nanda along with the villagers from Brindavan are performing the yagna to appease Indra. However, Krishna and Balaram convince them that it is better to pray to Govardhana, who gives them everything they need, such as rains and cattle feed. Krishna convinces them that there is no need to fear a God and that they need to love the God and that God in turn must love the people. Indra gets upset and starts a major storm, Vayu and Varun can not stop Indra. Krishna lifts the Govardhana mountain on his little finger, and all the villagers take shelter under the Govardhana. Brahma appears and enlightens Indra, who stops the storms. Krishna reprimands Indra and sets everything right again.

In the sixth scene, Narada realizing the story is hung, goes to see Kamsa and prods him to make

the next move. At the advice of Narada, Kamsa invites Krishna and Balarama to Mathura and attempts to kill them. But, Lord Krishna had other plans for Kamsa, Chanura and Mushtika!

In the seventh scene, Krishna and Gopikas are depicted in the celestial dance signifying pure love. It is the most revered “Raas Leela” dance of Lord Krishna.

In the eighth scene, Krishna and Balarama go to the ashram of Sandipani maharshi. They learn 64 art forms in 64 days! As they complete their education (a requirement of human form), they are visited by Vyas, who bestows upon Krishna, His Gada and Chakra.

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