[edit] FutureTech commits $50K in the next 5 years to Vibha Cricket Cup

The Vibha Atlanta Action Center proudly announces the start of FutureTech Vibha Cricket Cup 2012 on April 21st at Roswell park, an event which highlights the importance of people in the cause of the underprivileged children. Mr. E.S.Ramamurthy, founder of Sikshana (a Vibha supported project), and the Chief Guest for the opening ceremony, unveiled the Tournament T-shirt and inaugurated the event. Sharing his personal interactions with the volunteers of Vibha, he highlighted the role that Vibha has played in the phenomenal growth of Sikshana from intervention in 15 public schools to more than 600 schools. He called upon all the people present at the event to support the cause.

Mr. Sravan Vellanki, the President and CEO of FutureTech, also talked about the importance of giving back and requested all present to take some time out of their busy schedules and spend few hours every week to volunteer and/or donate to support the cause.

The Big surprise !! FutureTech doubled their title sponsorship for Vibha FutureTech Cricket cup 2012 from $5000 to $10,000, on the occasion of a decade long partnership of Vibha Cricket tournament. He also confirmed the commitment of $50,000 in the next 5 years, as the Title sponsor at $10,000 per year!

Mr. Vellanki said that it is indeed a very proud moment for his company and for him personally to associate with such a unique organization for the past 10 years and looking forward to a long and fulfilling relation in future.

Mr. Srinivas Vemulapalli, the National Director of Volunteer Management of Vibha gave the vote of thanks to both Mr. ESRamamurthy and Mr. Sravan Vellanki and presented them with Vibha T-shirts autographed by the esteemed former Indian cricket captain Mr. Sunil Gavaskar. Mr. Vemulapalli also gave vote of thanks to all our Sponsors and Teams.

Thanks to the efforts of the coordinators of the event - Srini Baddam, Rama Ryali and Venu Raikal - a record number of 50 teams (450 players) registered for the event and 16 enthralling matches were played on the first day of the tournament. The event will continue on the next two saturdays and the semi-finals and finals of the Cup will be played on the May 12.

On behalf of all Vibha volunteers, we sincerely thank Mr. ESRamamurty, Mr. Sravan Vellanki, all the sponsors of FutureTech Cricket cup 2012, and last but not least, all the teams who registered for this year’s tournament to show their support for the noble cause.

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