[edit] SPB & Chitra: Live in Concert

Vibha chapter in Houston had its first and biggest yet fundraiser, a concert by SPB and Chitra, in Houston on Friday, September 5th. The artists sang songs in multiple languages and exemplified the message that melodious music in any language touches the strings of soul. Both S.P. Balasubrahmanyam & Chitra sang with absolute perfection and great humility. The crowd of 1000+ music lovers cheered them on.

All the funds raised during the concert will be directed towards the project Shikshana, whose goal is to adopt and empower each public school, one at a time.

We were overjoyed to see our efforts translate into a bighter future for kids and would like to thank you for your efforts in helping us reach out to more people! We look forward to bringing more quality events in future!

Vibha Houston Team

Dinner and Concert Pictures

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I want to tell you all that we are all very happy to perform for VIBHA in Houston. You kids do not have selfish motives behind organizing this concert... I am happy to note that you all at such a young age are involved in such a noble cause... you all are very quiet and yet dedicated towards your own goals and I can see that you all sincerely want to help out the kids. I will certainly remember this experience and will share this with everyone, wherever I go.
Padmashri Dr. S.P. Balasubrahmanyam

I enjoyed meeting you last Thursday during the "Vibha" presentation at Yatra Brasseire. I was very impressed with Karishma, who made the presentation, but also to learn from her that her younger sister was her inspiration, they are an inspiring us all.

I am taking this opportunity also to share with you my contact information and about my volunteer work with “The Art of Living Foundation”. I believe you would also enjoy meeting the founder, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who would be visiting Houston at the end of October. S.P.Balasubrahmanya m is also a devotee and performed during our 25th celebration in Bangalore India . More on that here [http://www.artofliving.org]

I am grateful for Mrs. Leela Krishnamurti’s invitation and for the opportunity to have met you. I am attaching a picture Leela so kindly shared with me and I do hope we can continue to coincide in the future.
Leticia, Vibha Patron

The concert was all that I expected and more. My only comment is that the instrumentals were louder than the voices many times. Please let me know whenever you organize something like this. You all did a spectacular job.
Thank you! Krishna, Vibha Patron

Thank you so much for all your help and support to hold the drive at Vibha concert.Please convey our thanks to all the volunteers and to the Vibha organization for their co operation.We registered 52 potential donors.Everything was organized well.
Amina, Vibha Patron

It was truly Rice Radio's privilege to be part of this great cause. Shruti on a personal note, I am amazed by your humble and polite mannerism at every step. I believe to work for a great cause one needs down to earth people like you.
And a personal thanks for the invitation to the concert, although do remember that we at Rice Radio do not need any thing in return, we are just glad we could help, even if it was in a small, simple way.
The concert was very entertaining. In future I want to introduce them or other such artists to the Rice Radio listeners, so please do let us know about Vibha's future events/concerts in advance.
I will soon put up another PSA for Vibha on our Radio, if there is any thing in particular Vibha would like to announce let me know.

Thank you once again, Varsha, Vibha Patron

P.S.: I have added a few comments about the show on the NavrangKtru website [http://www.navrangktru.blogspot.com]

That was such a fulfilling experience thank you for including us for the dinner.. Truly Mr. Vijayan is a visionary he is the real VIP along with you and Ebb and the young lady prasad ...a note from the Thomas , they watched the presentation with great interest and even asked questions. I am sure the program was a huge success

Thanks for inviting me and Thomas for dinner at Yatra last night. We enjoyed the Vibha presentation and are impressed with the various projects they have started for children in India. The field trip presentation by the 12th grade student was well done.

Thank you so much for your invitation to learn about “Vibha” at Yatra Brasserie. I am grateful that you thought of me and allowed me the opportunity to meet such remarkable individuals, I was so inspired by the young lady, Karishma, and off course, S.P.Balasubrahmanya m, and I remembered seeing him in India when he performed in front of millions of people during the Art of Living celebration.



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