[edit] Categories

  • K-3
  • K-6
  • K-8
  • K-12
  • Open

[edit] Rules:

  • All standard rules apply (see Key rules are touch move, no discussion about any game except your own, and bathroom breaks ok at any time.Bishop and Knight vs the lone King will not be a draw this year as it was in the past. It seldom occurs, but players are able to do this. Since it can take a long time I might have to call it a draw if it seems the player doesn't understand the winning procedure.
  • In the Open section, each match will be played in Sudden Death/30 minutes format: In this format, each player is given 30 minutes. If a player runs out of his 30 minutes time before there is a checkmate, the opponent wins irrespective of the current position of his pieces. If there is a checkmate, there is a of course a clear winner.
  • All other sections will be played as Fast Chess where players don't wait for all games to end before starting the next round. As games are completed, players are matched as long as (1) they play someone with a similar score, and (2) they play each player only once.
  • If there is a stalemate, or if players agree to a draw, the match is declared a tie, and they do NOT have a playoff.
  • A player cannot win with only a king, king and bishop, or King and Knight vs a lone King. Also, for our tournament we will call a King and 2 Knights or a King, Bishop and Knight vs the lone King a draw.

[edit] Schedule:

  • Event day registration proper ends at 11:25 AM Those arriving to register after 11:25 AM may have to take a half point bye for the 1st round. Those arriving after 11:55 AM will get a zero point bye for 1st round. If you have pre-registered, you should check in by 11:40 AM
  • A review of the rules will begin at 11:45 AM
  • Play starts at 12:00 PM
  • Play should end by 5:00 PM
  • Awards will be presented at 5:30 PM

[edit] Please Note:

  • This tournament is not rated.
  • Clocks will be used in the Open Section and may only be used in the lower sections with the permission of the tournament director.

[edit] Press Release

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