Artists form different culture at one stage promise you to give an evening full of fun and entertainment. Here is the list of artists:

[edit] Nrutyam School of Dance

This dance is being performed by the Nrutyam School of Dance under the tutelage of Shreemati Dipti Dave. The name of this dance is "Allaripu". It is ideally performed at the beginning of a Bharatnatyam recital. The literal translation is "the blooming of a bud into a flower, like a dancer blooms on the day of the recital."

[edit] Art by Gabriela

From the Mediterranean culture, a belly dance performance by Gabriela and her group.A fusion of Egyptian and Turkish belly dance.

[edit] Omni Salsa

Performance from combination of dances from salsa, rumba and cha cha.

[edit] Houston International Folk Dancers

Houston Folk Dance is a collection of dances from various countries, including Romania, Russia and Germany. Performers' costumes represent many different countries. Their performance will be a collection of dances from various countries, including Romania, Russia, Germany.

[edit] Kuchipudi by Sandhya and Hyma

[edit] Tango by Viju and Marial

[edit] Bollywood Dance by Mahesh Mahbubani

Dance medley exploring contemporary style and musical theatre


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