Movie Screening at CORP India site in Thane(W)

A report - Hardik (Vibha Mumbai Volunteer)

Hi Team,

Hope everyone is doing fine.

Well, this is to update you all about the recent movie screening that we held at CORP India site in Thane(W), Mumbai.

It was 3:00 pm on Saturday, 8th August, 2009 that we all Vibhaites along with three members from Public Concern for Governance Trust (PCGT) got together at CORP India site in Thane(W). The stage was all set... over 100 kids from three centers run by CORP India were lined up for the much awaited Akbar-Birbal movie. Zankhana Mam, I, Monica, Ranjeeta and Vandana were the attendees from our Mumbai team.

The movie started after the representative, Ms. Ankita Pandya, from PCGT informed the kids about the importance of the movie. Also, she briefed them about the rewards they will get provied they give proper attention to the message the movie was to convey.

Now, the first part of the movie starts with very innovative animation and some fabulous background music. Even we all volunteers went back to our school days remembering all the Akbar-Birbal stories and got so much involved. The first part was followed by an interactive question- answer session which was responded with very high enthusiasm. Some kids stretched their answers so much that some of their mates went out to get some fresh air...

Well, that was only the first session to be followed by two more 20 min. sessions with question-answer session at the end. Even though some kids got a bit impatient during an hour long sitting but most of them found this exercise very interesting and entertaining.

Then comes the most important part... Prize distribution.. Three prizes were distributed to kids who explained the message each story delivered..This wasnt it for them as PCGT brought snacks (Biscuits) for everyone and a surprise gift. As 15th August was just a week further, national flag was the obvious choice as the surprise gift but even this wasnt free. They had to earn this gift as well by answering questions related to our national flag.

The entire movie screening event received very good response from the slum kids and the support staff which encouraged Vibha and PCGT to extend it few other sites in Mumbai. Also, PCGT has shown interest in carrying out some other co-curriculum activites in future with CORP India kids. Post movie-screening, Zankhana mam distributed the first set of reference books to the kids of 4th to 10th grade. I then introduced the team of volunteers who will undertake tutions from next week onwards and kids really applauded this initiative from us.

Truely a memorable event not only for the CORP India kids but for all of the Vibha-Mumbai volunteers as well.

Request you all to have a look at some of the memories that we captured on 8th August, 2009. Please feel free to share your thought on the same.

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