[edit] Children Toy Foundation Workshop by Vibha Mumbai at City of Los Angels Municipal School - A report

Hardik & Gaurav - Vibha Mumbai Volunteers

Hello Everyone,

Temperature is on the rise and so is the spirit of Vibha-Mumbai volunteers. This was reflected well and truly in the recently concluded Children Toy Foundation (CTF) workshop at City of Los angels Municipal School, Matunga (W), Mumbai.

A four-day workshop was organized starting from 15th April, 2009. Around 50-60 students of the municipal school got first hand experience of

1. Warli painting: an ancient Indian folk art tradition of painting with the use of geometric designs such as triangles, circles, squares, dots and crooked lines to depict human figures, animal figures, houses, crops etc.

2. Greeting card making: Each student made a customized greeting card for his/her best friend

3. Rakhi making

4. Gift wrapping

5. Marveling and

6. Paper bag making

Each exercise brought out hidden talent and creative abilities in the field of arts thanks solely to Khushboo and her colleague. Also, thanks to all the students who showed the same intensity throughout the workshop.

On the last day three best creative minds and hands were rewarded very sweetly (with Cadbury chocolates) and the rest were given consolation prizes. One of the touching moments was when we told them that Khushboo and her colleague won't be coming from tomorrow on and everyone's face suddenly turned blank.

It was truly a memorable experience for both the volunteers and students. The tie-up with CTF has worked really well which will certainly help Vibha-mumbai to carry on such programs in near future.

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