[edit] Vibha CORP India Visit - Indira Nagar, Thane- Apr. 7th, 2009

- Shashank - Vibha Mumbai Volunteer

Hello friends,

On 7th march 2009 Vibha Mumbai volunteers made a visit to Corp India in Thane.

We all reached there by 1400 hours and had a chance to meet young children who are even smaller than half of our age. It was a place where plenty of programs run a single place. Children after attending the school come and do their respective homework for the day. Small children aged between 3-8 sleep for a hour or two in afternoon and they all are served their lunch sharp at 1230 hours.

We also had a chance to meet and interact with SPECIAL CHILDREN who are deaf or their mental growth is not compatible with their age.

It was a very touching experience to meet few kids who are diagnosed with HIV+. But still care has been taken that these kids attend school and don’t feel neglected. All the volunteers Hardik, Urvi, Khushboo and myself interacted with them, some of them were happy to see us and some were astonished.

We also interacted with few ladies who do tailoring and were busy practicing drama for the woman’s day. Many of them shared their experiences and how Corp India has helped them at the time of need. After that we went to SHELTER HOME where we met young children aged 4-14 stay 24x7 cos unfortunately it’s not possible for these children to stay with their parents as some of them have expired, some are physically not well, some can’t afford , some are the children of sex workers and so they want their children to lead a better life.

We all volunteers are looking forward to interact with these children more n more so that next time we visit them they interact with us without any hesitation. For this I really look forward for our next visit to thane. Hardik stays quiet close to it and so he has assured that whenever he has time he will make a visit to these children.

I request other volunteers to be the part of the active team and share their innovative ideas like Khushboo and urvi came up with the idea of having a workshop on painting during the summers.

Hardik gave us the idea of teaching these kids small puzzles which will really help them developing their young mind.

I have come to a idea of organizing a workshop on provoking the kids to learn English Grammar cos I personally feel that it’s really important for these children to have a exposure and develop interest towards English language.

P.S. If possible I request other volunteers on behalf of vibha Mumbai to collect some clothes of their friends, family or relatives which are not of their use and we can distribute them among these children aged between 4-14.

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