[edit] 2006

[edit] Primus Software - Delta Info Sys Super 16 Trophy

Vibha Atlanta Team

Atlanta, GA: Cricket fans in Atlanta have had a quite a busy season of cricket this year. We already had the 2006 Future Tech Vibha cricket tournament with a record 49 teams and then the India West Indies series from the Caribbean, that ended with an Indian victory for the first time in 35 years. Apparently that wasn't enough and we wanted more. Our cricket appetite is insatiable around here. With many of the top teams clamoring to impose their superiority and strut their stuff once again, Vibha took the opportunity to get the elite together again for a knock-out tournament . The top 16 teams from the Future Tech Vibha tournament were invited to compete for the Primus Software - Delta Info Sys Super 16 Trophy on July 8th, 2006.

We are usually praying for clear skies and no rain during Vibha cricket events. This time, we were looking for some respite from the sun, hoping for a little bit of cloud cover at the very least. We had no such luck as it turned out to be a blazing hot day, as was to be expected in July in Atlanta. More...

[edit] 2005

[edit] May Madness gets crazier at Vibha Cricket!

Anurag Goel - Atlanta Duniya

Blame it on their youth, or their superior technique and skill – the dominance of GT Playboys at Vibha Cricket has always been on display over the last few years. It is surprising then, that this is only the first time that they have actually won the Vibha Cricket Cup! The PlayBoys from Georgia Tech convincingly defeated the defending champions – Blue Panthers – in the quarter finals, and another strong team – The Invincibles - in the semifinals before finally trouncing the Chattanooga Titans in the final match of the 7th Annual FutureTech Vibha Cricket Cup. More...

[edit] Last ball thriller at Andy's Grill Vibha Super-16 Challenge

Vibha Atlanta Team

Atlanta, GA: Why is it that Vibha Cricket produces last-ball thrillers, year after year, tournament after tournament? Is it the Never-say-Never attitude of some players or the nerve-racking pressure taking its toll on the others? How does one explain the last over requiring 20 runs quickly turning into just one boundary being required off the last ball? After bringing it to a cliffhanger like that, how could the Chattanooga team fall short by one run? Just one run?

We can not explain this madness. All we can do is to enjoy the excitement and want more of it next year! More...

[edit] 2003

[edit] Rain Or Shine, Wind Or Heat - Cricket Prevails!

Staff Reports - Atlanta Samachar Weekly

Atlanta, GA – May 6: A fabulous weekend full of surprises, upsets and dominating performances from cricketers, both casual and serious, brought to the fore an organization, Vibha, run by dedicated volunteers striving for a noble cause to uplift under-privileged children in India. It also showed that even in the heart of the South, ‘Hotlanta’, cricket has a passionate following, with 48 teams coming in over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of May, 2003, from all over the region, from South Carolina, from Alabama, from Tennessee - and of course from all around the metro Atlanta area. Vibha is an 11-year-old, volunteer driven organization with a mission to enable child development. Through action centers in over 15 cities nationwide, their 250 volunteers work to raise awareness in the local community about children’s issues and to generate funds currently supporting more than 56 projects in India and 8 projects in the US. More...

[edit] Keeping things cricket

[edit] Charity tournament provides nostalgia for players, fans

RICK BADIE - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Sujan Bhattacharya grew up playing cricket in Calcutta the way Americans play baseball.

"I've been playing since I was 5 or 6," said Bhattacharya, captain of the Laganwala, one of several Gwinnett County teams taking part in a 48-team cricket tournament this weekend in Atlanta.

"It's one of the most popular games in India," said the Suwanee resident, who manages a consulting engineering firm. "I have no doubt in my mind that, maybe in 10 years, local folks will start playing." More...

[edit] FUN’d raising with Cricket - VIBHA does it again with a thrilling finish!!

Staff Reports - Vibha

The alarms went off at 4:30AM in 9 homes in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But Bindu didn’t really need it. He and his team mates had been waiting for an year for this day. He was up, worrying about the pesky little team from Cleveland, Tennessee that was playing the role of giant killer and growing in confidence match to match. He was concerned about the teams from Webb Bridge - the Monsters and the Sixers, and the confident Georgia Tech. Playboys hadn’t escaped his radar either. Enough with the worrying, he assured himself - “if we played like we’re capable, we can beat anyone”. All his team mates, Bali, Radha, Ravi, et al. echoed the same thoughts as they made their two and a half hour journey to Atlanta for their 11 AM game. More...

[edit] 2002

[edit] Dunwoody All Stars Takes The Maharaja

[edit] CRYcket Cup 2002 Nail Biting Finish In The Finals On The Third Day

Safi Quadri - Atlanta Samachar Weekly

Atlanta, GA – 11 May: The Maharaja CRYcket Cup, organized by CRY Inc at the Student Athletic Center (SAC) Field, Georgia Tech. campus concluded this Saturday with Dunwoody All Stars taking the cup in a nail biting finish which ended in a tie on the last ball. Dunwoody All Stars were declared winners for losing less number of wickets.

The tension and the excitement that prevailed in the air and hearts of the players, audience, and of course the organizers were un-debatable. The pressure on the teams to compete with one another and be the Winners was evident in every ball that was bowled and every run that was made. None could discount the spirit and the sportsmanship exhibited by all the players and the supporters during this Maharaja CRYcket Cup 2002. More...

[edit] Celebration of CRYcket in Atlanta

GiriMohan Coneti -

Just as the Indians were basking in the Caribbeans, reminiscing their incredible Test match success at Port of Spain and the infuriating loss at Barbados, not far away, across the pond right in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, a bunch of furiously motivated volunteers of the Atlanta chapter of CRY Inc (Child Relief and You), celebrated the spirit of cricket for an impeccably noble cause -- that of helping grass-roots projects for the underprivileged children in India.

In a country where baseball is the only game that's thought of as a ball and stick game, a country where fans are religiously searching underwater for Babe Ruth's piano to restore good luck charm for the Boston Sox, cricket takes a backseat -- a sore in the eye for the plethora of Indian immigrants who are craving to relive their Bombay maidan days and the delusional effect of stump graffiti on the wall. More...

[edit] MAHARAJA CRYcket Cup 2002 - A Smash Hit!!!!!!!!!

Staff Reports - CRY

As the Tendulkars and Laras were smashing fours and sixes and the Srinaths and Dillons were bowling bouncers and yorkers to the tune of the Calypso rhythms by the tranquil sunny beaches of the Caribbean, cricket enthusiasts of Atlanta also witnessed some great cricket by the Ravi Joshis and Sureshs and the Balis and Muralis in the backdrop of downtown, Atlanta.

The afternoon of third day of the tournament was the eventful one on and off the field. In the four year history of Crycket nothing was close to what happened on the 11th of May at the SAC field at Georgia Tech campus. The tension and the excitement that prevailed in the air and hearts of the players, audience and of course the organizers was undebatable..

The pressure on the teams to compete with one another and be the "WINNERS" was evident in every ball that was bowled and every run that was made….None could discount the spirit and the sportsmanship exhibited by all the players and the supporters during the Maharaja CRYcket Cup 2002 tournament…. More...

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