[edit] Schedule of upcoming booths and signups:

Date Time Venue Who?
Sunday, Aug. 10th 12 - 2 pm Global Mall Devki, Vinita
Saturday, Aug. 16th 9 am - 5 pm Festival of India, Gwinett Civic Center Sign Up
Saturday, Aug. 23rd 12 - 2 pm Global Mall Sign Up
Saturday, Aug. 30th 12 - 2 pm Global Mall Sign Up
Monday, Sept 1st TBD Karnataka CM Visit, Ashiana Restaurant Sign Up
Saturday, Sep. 6th 12 - 2 pm Global Mall Sign Up
Saturday, Sep. 13th 12 - 2 pm Global Mall Sign Up
Saturday, Sep. 20th 12 - 2 pm Global Mall Sign Up

[edit] Setting up a booth at Global Mall

Best Time for the Booth : On weekends, 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm
Number of Volunteers needed : 2

1. Get the Table and Chairs from the big room on the left, at the top of the escalators.
2. Setup the booth in the open area immediately to the right at the top of the escalators.
3. Fill the table with Vibha Posters, HTG Trifolds, Project Trifolds, HTG forms, Vibha magnets etc.
4. Setup the big Vibha Banner.
5. Keep a bunch of HTG trifolds or Event flyers/postcards in the hand and look out for people who make eye-contact or seem to be looking at one of the posters.
Some of the things that can be said once you catch the attention of people are:
"Have you heard about Vibha?"
"We are an organization that raises funds to support child development projects in India"
"We organize events - Walk, Cricket, Concerts - to raise funds"
"Today we are promoting 'Help Them Grow', which is an automatic donation program"
"As less as 65 cents a day can make a significant difference in the life of an underprivileged child"
"With automatic donation, Vibha is able to better plan on supporting various worthy projects in India"
"As a volunteer, I visited this project in India and saw how children were benefiting"
"Can we have your email address, to add to our mailing list for supporters?"
6. Have signup sheets for Volunteers and supporters (who want to stay connected, approx. 2-3 emails/month)
7. Don't feel discouraged if some people ignore you or walk past after you greet them.
8. Keep smiling.

[edit] After the Booth:

Send out a brief report about the booth to Publicity Team

  • This report should contain the volunteer/supporter signs along with any comments/observations about the signups.
  • Please outline how was your over-all experience with the Booth.

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