[edit] 9 - 12 yrs Results

[edit] Vocal Performance

Winner I:Isabella Fay, Solo Vocal
Winner II: Arathi Vinod and Athira Vinod, Vocal carnatic
Runner Up: Nivedita Amanjee, Solo Vocal

[edit] Instrumental Performance

Winner:Athira Vinod on the keyboard
Runner Up: Sachit Samala on the piano

[edit] Dance Performance

Winner:Lets Rock Team Juniors, Group Dance
Runner Up:Nikita Bhat, Solo Dance

[edit] 13 - 17 yrs Results

[edit] Vocal Performance

Winner:Kamath Sisters: Tanvi Kamath and Anuya Kamath
Runner Up: Tanvi Kamath

[edit] Dance Performance

Winner:Amanjee Sisters: Krithika Amanjee and Nivedita Amanjee
Runner Up I: Jaiyeshri Gopal, Solo dance
Runner Up II: Jaiyeshri Gopal, Bhooja Jawahar and Deepti Ravidath, Group Dance

[edit] 18+ yrs Results

Winner:Chord Confusion, Nalvendra, Jwala, Alamelu, Chandrika and Aarthi.
Runner Up: 3.1: Kishan Prasad, Kritika Bala, Mayank Bisht and Rohan Martin

[edit] 2011 EVENTS

Dream Mile 2011
September 10th 2011

Diwali Mela 2011
October 22nd 2011

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