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The Children's Art Project (CAP) at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas is a volunteer based organization dedicated to improving the lives of children battling cancer. The CAP helps these children get away from their pain for a short time by expressing themselves through art-work and paintings, which are then marketed as greeting cards, bookmarks, t-shirts, balloons and a large number of stationary products found in the MDACC Gift Shop.

This year, VIBHA volunteers in Houston have decided to spend some time with the largest and the most popular charitable card projects in our community. About 10 VIBHA volunteers will be working in smaller groups in the mail room, help organizing the gift shop, servicing the sales counter and running through the inventory checklists etc.

As VIBHA volunteers, we are thankful that CAP is giving us an opportunity bring happiness to these brave children. We are proud to serve the Houston community and help bring a smile to little ones in pain and distress.


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