[edit] Registration

A player can play only for one team. If any player plays for more than one team, all those teams will be disqualified from tournament. There is a $50 fine for each of those teams and $50 fine for the player.

There are 3 separate groups for youth tournament: Under 10yrs, Under 12yrs and Under 17yrs.
All teams play with Hard Tennis ball

Online registration is available at Register here

  1. Please click on the link above to start registration.
  2. Click on the "Register Now" button
  3. Select tournament to participate (Men's, Women's, Youth)
  4. Fill out your details and details of all the team members
  5. Fill in T-shirt size info
  6. Finish registration with secure payment.

[edit] Registration fee for the tournaments

Early registration end dates:

For Men: 28th May, 2014

For Women and Youth: 30th May, 2014

Before early registration end date

  • Mens's - $190
  • Women's - $150
  • Youth - $175

After early registration end date

  • Mens's - $250
  • Women's - $200
  • Youth - $240
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