[edit] Vibha Beneficiary Program

We are frequently asked by our patrons and donors if their donations can be dedicated to a particular project. The answer is Vibha Beneficiary program. Through this program, an organization or an individual or a group of individuals can dedicate their funds to a project of their choice, thus "adopting" it.

Organizations, Corporations and Individuals can choose a project in an area which aligns with their mission or charter and designate it as the beneficiary of their donation. The whole project or a portion of it can be funded.

To be eligible for this program, the following minimum requirements apply

  • contribution of $2000 by an individual or a group of individuals
  • contribution of $5000 by organization or a corporation

What will Vibha provide?

  • Project evaluation/selection – Vibha employs a very rigorous process while selecting projects to ensure that the project’s work aligns with Vibha’s vision and that it is non-religious, non-political and non-discriminatory.
  • Project monitoring (on a half yearly basis) - One site visit per year by the Vibha Project Monitoring team is guaranteed. Half yearly reports will be provided based on updates from the project. Vibha volunteers visit projects and generate reports. These will be provided to VBP patrons as and when available.
  • Facilitate direct communication between VBP patron and project through e-mail (subscription to some mailing list infrastructure like yahoogroups/googlegroups). This group will be restricted to members only.
  • Help with coordinating site visits by a VBP patron upon request from the patron.
  • Mention on Vibha website (on this page)

Donor Benefits

  • Project evaluation/selection/monitoring is taken care of by a trusted organization working in the area of child development since 1991. As of January 2008, Vibha has successfully supported 165 child development projects in India and 10 in the US.
  • Patrons have tight control of how their contributions are used which ensures that their hard earned money is benefiting exactly who they want it to.
  • Patrons get to interact directly with the project, thereby get a first hand experience of their positive impact on the lives of children.

Below is a list of available projects for this year. If you need help choosing a project, or for more information, please contact the Beneficiary Program Coordinator.

[edit] 2009 VBP Projects Bucket

Project Location Focus Area Budget Already funded
Door Step School (DSS) Pune, Maharashtra Non-formal education $23,706 $2,000
Children's Toy Foundation (LAFF - CTF) Mumbai, Maharashtra Toy van as support for schools $10,500 $0
Sikshana Bangalore, Karnataka Support structures for schools $20,000 $0
Gramin Siksha Kendra (GSK) Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan Alternative Education $12,069 $0
Bhagavatula Charitable Trust (BCT) Haripuram, Andhra Pradesh Education-Residential School $13,937 $5,501
Swami Vivekananda Vani Prachar Samiti (SVVPS) Durgapur, West Bengal Pre-primary education centers $10,638 $0
Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal (RMKM) CBR, Vocational Training Ajmer, Rajasthan Special needs children $13,387 $0
Rachana Society for Social Reconstruction Pune, Maharashtra Supportive education $16,990 $0
Sarada Kalyan Bhandar (SKB) Midnapore, West Bengal Remedial training of children $15,234 $0
Shristi Special Academy Bangalore, Karnataka Special needs children $9,138 $0
Vidyarambam Trust Kanchipuram, Perambalur and Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu Pre-primary education centers $22,800 $2,200
JanMadhyam New Delhi Disabled girl children $27,392 $10,000
Alamb New Delhi Education and vocational training for slums girls in New Delhi $21,308 $0
Swarnirvar Parganas, West Bengal Funding Teacher's Trainer- Salary and expenses $3,638 $0
HEARDS Chittor, Andhra Pradesh Integrated Program for Elimination of Child Labor $9,520 $0

[edit] Donors

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  • Mr. Venkateswarlu Pothapragada
    • Visakha Rural Development Society (VRDS)
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