Some photographs and media coverage from fund-raising events organized in 2007 and 2006 by Vibha-MN are listed in this page. For more details, please visit our individual event pages.


[edit] UNIK SANGAM: Sadhana Sargam and Unnikrishnan: Live in Concert: October 06, 2007

Event Leads: Satya Boda and Lakshmi Ramakrishnan

Some photographs from the event


It was a wonderful event. My friends liked it very much. I should thank Vibha for organizing such a good show for a noble cause.
-Vignesh, Vibha patron

We really enjoyed the program and got to meet the singers as Unnikrishnan's wife is a close friend's friend. The show was a great entertainer. We had fun!
- Priya Sangeeth, Vibha patron

It was awesome!!! We two loved the show.
- Kaarthik , Vibha patron

Saturday concert was my first experience with Vibha and I was amazed by its success. Sankari and I had a great time from start to finish like everyone else. It was a great weekend refresher with such great tunes for such a great cause. Its one of those moments where you get to have fun while contributing to the larger cause.......
- Kals Subramanian who joined Vibha-MN after this concert

The concert was great !. I and my wife thoroughly enjoyed it. I think you guys did an awesome job in promoting a worthy cause during the 5K run and the Concert. Thanks for all your hard work.
- Ramprasad Vijayagopal, Vibha patron

hey..saturday program adipoli aayirinu..I came with 2 other friends of mine and we left kids and husbands at my place so could enjoy the program an get a feel of college days:-)).... Convey congrats to Vibha for the beautiful program and wonderful cause.
-Sonia Joseph, Vibha patron

I am glad everybody enjoyed the show. I can understand how hard all of you worked. You have a wonderful group. ..... The audience was wonderful. We will never forget this trip. Take care
-P Unnikrishnan, guest performer

[edit] The Dream Mile: 4th Annual 5K/10K Walk/Run September 30, 2007

Event Leads: Manoj Kalra and Chandra Pakala

Some photographs from the event


Thanks a lot to the great team effort that made it possible. I was fortunate enough to receive a lot of positive feedback from a number of friends, colleagues and neighbors. My CPA thought this was the most well-organized race he ran this year. The team-spirit and dedication of the volunteers was on display as things happened smoothly and precisely.
- Manoj Kalra, event lead and Action Center Coordinator

Fantastic job Manoj and everyone. I think this was the best walk we have had so far in spite of the weather. Let's keep the same pace for our coming event!
-Shiva Elayedath, Vibha-MN volunteer

[edit] Vibha Booth and Snack Bar at Dragon Festival: July 14,15, 2007

Some photographs from the event

[edit] Winter bowling event: February 03, 2007

Event Lead: Tanuja Korlepra

[edit] SPB: Live in Concert: September 23, 2006

Event Leads: Veeresh Mathad and Sayeed Abbas

Some photographs from the event


Article in St. Paul Pioneer Press

Article in Kannada Magazine, Vikranta Karnataka


Very well organized, meticulous planning. Your cause is noble. You guys talk less and focus on doing things right. I like that.
Padmashri Dr. SP Balasubrahmanyam

The SPB concert was extremely well organized and we had a blast. Thanks for a wonderful night, which will be in our memories for a long long time.
Shekher Ramella, Vibha patron

Fantastic!. I am really proud of Vibha and the lead volunteers.
Ravi Reddy, Vibha patron

You have done your best in organizing the program.
Murty B, Vibha patron

It was very well organized. It started on time. I liked how he stated the cause and asked for sponsors for songs.
Suseela, Vibha patron was one of the BEST that I have attended. You must all be very proud.
Sury, Vibha patron

You have excelled through every step of the process. The Banners, Posters and the places you have placed them were so very right. The Website you have developed was simple, rich and had the right amount of information. The inclusion of seat numbers on the tickets solved perplexity of audience. The Group discount was an excellent option. I was able to pull in 9 people because of a discount on their ticket amount. The direction for the Parking was well posted. And above all, the program was so well organized. As mentioned by SPB Sir, you had it start on time and maintained it through out the event. This definitely gives a great confidence to viewers that VIBHA's events will be well organized and performed.
Thirupurasundari Krishnamurthy, Vibha patron

[edit] Annual 5K/10K Walk and Run: September 17, 2006

Event Lead: Vijesh Unnikrishnan

Some photographs from the event


I participated in the 10K run this morning and just wanted to thank you for the race you put on. All the volunteers were extremely friendly and supportive. The awards ceremony was great too, because it's not that often races have prizes (and such generous ones) for participants. Thanks for all the hard work that clearly went into making this a great event! I will look forward to running the Vibha 10k in the future.
Andrea Reichert, Vibha patron

I really enjoyed the race!! :)
Nichole Frost, Vibha patron

I thought the event was really well run and will plan to take part next year!
Tim Wareham, Vibha patron

[edit] Bowl for a child: February 18, 2006

Event Lead: Ravi Sura

Some photographs from the event

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