[edit] Vibha Events List in 2009

Month Action Center Name of Event Date Contact
January Atlanta Sri Vighneswara Vaibhavan January 10th Email
February Sacramento Xpressions 2009 February 28th Email
February Milwaukee Vibha Vibe 2009 February 28th Email
March Washington DC Bowlathon 2009 March 14th Email
March Twin Cities, MN Kalakaar 2009 March 15th Email
March Bayarea Vibha Awareness Mixer March 19th Email
March Atlanta Khel Mela March 21st Email
March Houston Vibha Alpha Math Camps March 28th Email
March Austin Trivia Guru - An Indian Quiz Contest March 27th Email
April Twin Cities, MN Bowlathon 2009 April 4th Email
May Atlanta Vibha FutureTech Cricket 2009 May 9th, 10th, 16th & 17th Email
May Twin Cities, MN Taal 2009 May 10th Email
May Bay Area Vibha Volunteer Conference May 30th, 31st Email
May Dallas Vibha Cricket Cup 2009 May 30th, June 6th Email
June Bay Area The Dream Mile June 28th Email
July Twin Cities, MN Tee Off For Tots 2009 July 18th Email
August Los Angeles Vibha Cricket Cup 2009 August 1st,2nd Email
August Twin Cities, MN Cricket Carnival August 1st,2nd,8th,9th Email
August Milwaukee The Dream Mile August 9th Email
August Washington DC The Dream Mile August 16th Email
August Sacramento The Dream Mile August 29th Email
August Houston Vibha Vibe August 29 Email
September Dallas, TX The Dream Mile September 5th Email
September Twin Cities, MN The Dream Mile September 12th Email
September Atlanta The Dream Mile September 19th Email
September Bay Area Vibha Disco Dandia Sept 25th, Oct 3rd, 10th Email
October Los Angeles The Dream Mile October 4th Email
November Houston, TX The Dream Mile November 1st Email

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