[edit] Vibha Events in 2007

Month Action Center Name of Event Date Contact
Feb Atlanta Khel Mela Feb 3,4 Email
Feb Minneapolis Bowl For A Child Feb 3 Email
Mar Bay Area Awareness Month Mar 1-31 Email
Apr Atlanta Sumati Mahajan:In Memoriam Concert Apr 1 Email
Apr Los Angeles Rangoli Competition Apr 28 Email
April Washington DC Volunteer Open House April 30 Email
May Dallas Kite Flying Festival May 5 Email
May Houston Khel Khel Mein May 13 Email
May Washington DC AAPI-SABA Happy Hour May 3 Email
May Washington DC Born Into Brothels May 17 Email
May Atlanta Cricket May 12,13,19 Email
Jun Dallas Vibha Volunteer Conference June 2-4 Volunteer Coordinator
Jun Atlanta Vibha Awareness Week June 9 - 16 Email
Jun Atlanta Super 16 Cricket June 30 Email
Jun Washington DC Cooking Demonstration June 30 Email
Jun Los Angeles Summer Dandia Jun 20-30 LA Coordinator
Jul Bay Area The Dream Mile 5K/10K Jul 8 Email
Jul Minneapolis Dragon Festival Booth July 14,15 Email
Aug Washington DC The Dream Mile August 19 DC Coordinator
Aug Atlanta Indian Ocean Concert August 17 Email
Aug Sacramento Shobana Concert August 18 Email
Aug Dallas Vibha Cricket Cup 2007 August 25 Email
Sep New York NYC Addiction September 1 Email
Sep Atlanta The Dream Mile September 22 Email
Sep Dallas The Dream Mile September 15 Email
Sep Sacramento Dandia September 29 Email
Sep Minneapolis The Dream Mile Sep 30 Manoj Kalra
Oct Dallas SUR SANGAM: Sadhana Sargam and Unnikrishnan, live in concert October 05 Email
Oct Minneapolis UNIK SANGAM: Sadhana Sargam and Unnikrishnan, live in concert October 06 Satya Boda and Lakshmi Ramakrishnan
Oct Austin The Dream Mile Oct 7 Email
Oct Los Angeles The Dream Mile Oct 7 Email
Oct Bay Area Vibha Disco Dandia 2007 Oct 19/20/27 Email
Nov Sacramento Diwali Mela Nov 3 Email

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