[edit] 2012

[edit] FutureTech commits $50K in the next 5 years to Vibha Cricket Cup

Vibha Volunteers

The Vibha Atlanta Action Center proudly announces the start of FutureTech Vibha Cricket Cup 2012 on April 21st at Roswell park, an event which highlights the importance of people in the cause of the underprivileged children. Mr. E.S.Ramamurthy, founder of Sikshana (a Vibha supported project), and the Chief Guest for the opening ceremony, unveiled the Tournament T-shirt and inaugurated the event. Sharing his personal interactions with the volunteers of Vibha, he highlighted the role that Vibha has played in the phenomenal growth of Sikshana from intervention in 15 public schools to more than 600 schools. He called upon all the people present at the event to support the cause.

Mr. Shravan, the President and CEO of FutureTech also talked about the importance of giving back and requested all present to take some time out of their busy schedules and spend few hours every week to volunteer and/or donate to support the cause. More...

[edit] K-MACS Dream Play 2012 Press Release

Sanket Mehta

Well organized. Excellently planned. Top competition. These were just some of the words that were buzzing around the stands and ground, on the 24th of March 2012 when Vibha Dream Play was hosted at South Forsyth Middle School.

The Vibha Dream Play is one of the annual flagship charity chess and table tennis tournament hosted by Vibha every year to help raise funds for projects supporting the under-privileged children in India. This year, the Vibha Dream Play was organized by the Vibha Youth, at South Forsyth Middle School gymnasium in Forsyth County, without whose support, we would have never been able to host such a successful event. The location served well for the intense thinking and physical competition that took place during the day. The Dream Play event this year witnessed an enthusiastic crowd from all age-groups and occupation. As the day unfolded, the South Forsyth gymnasium was packed with cheerful abundance – young people accompanying parents and adult participants - all eager to compete against each other and stake their claim on the trophies. A fun-filled day with indoor table tennis and chess tournaments and various other awareness events was an excellent addition to the schedule of adults and children who attended the occasion on Saturday. More...

[edit] 2011

[edit] FutureTech Vibha Cricket Cup 2011 – Yet another story worth telling!

Vibha Atlanta Team (As seen in Khabar, July 2011)

Businesses rise and crash too easily. Sustenance is usually a demon, and in this economy, an unforgiving one. So, it beats me how a fund-raising organization like Vibha, running on passion, selflessness, and generosity, not only endures tough times, but continues to churn out one quality activity after another.

The 2011 FutureTech Vibha Cricket Cup tournament, inaugurated by former Ranji player and editor of Cricket Magazine, Abdul Qayyum, was no less. It was played to raise funds mainly for the Pune-based Door Step Schools project whose motto, "If the children are not coming to school, lets take the school to the doorsteps of children," reflects the easy magnanimity one associates with Vibha. More...

[edit] Vibe 2011 - International Dance Festival raises funds for children’s causes

Vibha Atlanta Team (As seen in Khabar, April 2011)

On March 05, 2011, approximately 800 Atlanta area residents braved cold weather to go the Rialto Center for the Arts at Georgia State University for Vibe 2011. This was perhaps Atlanta’s first International Dance Festival, involving over a hundred artists, and representing cultures from the Far East of the globe to the Southeast of the United States. From drums of Africa to ghungroos of Indian Classical dance, the theatre resonated with music and rhythms from all over the world.

The evening began with a Middle Eastern dance by the perfectly sculpted dancers of Nazeem Allayl Dancers. Virgina Coker and Robert Frank of Atlanta Dance Classes gave a ballroom performance, followed by the Okinawa Kenjin-kai that entertained with steps synchronized to their drum beats, and the Dangerous Curves Pro team from PasoFino Dance Studio thrilled the audience with burlesque dance. Planet U Performing Art’s Director Uma Murlidhar and her troupe danced to a fusion of modern Bollywood and Indian folk dances with high energy and colorful costumes. The first half of the show concluded with a Flamenco performance by Rina Menosky and Jose De Guadalupe with guitarist Jean Pierre. More...

[edit] 2010

[edit] A Few Miles for a Million Dreams…
Vibha Atlanta’s 12th Annual 5k Run/Walk Race raises $100,000!

Vibha Atlanta Team (As seen in Khabar, Atlanta Duniya, and NRI Pulse)

Sept 18th, 2010 will be remembered as a day when the Greater Atlanta community rose to the challenge and raised over $100,000 for the cause of underprivileged children. More than 1500 people participated in the 12th Annual DreamMile 5K Run/Walk that broke all previous event records.

The gorgeous fall weather and the beautiful blue skies made it a pleasant experience for all the participants. The dedication and discipline with which the Vibha volunteers plan and execute all their fund-raising events was once again on display.

Echoing the sentiment of "Doing More", Srinivas Vemulapalli, the event coordinator, said "This year Vibha volunteers took up the challenge of doubling the participation and revenue. All we had was a firm belief in the community. And the community responded to the cause and joined hands to do more. The event scaled up significantly in terms of participation, revenue and volunteer strength. We are glad that we are able to double our support to 5000 children. I sincerely thank the whole community for their participation and the volunteers who worked countless hours for the event and made it a true success.” More...

[edit] Charity cricket helps raise $30,000 for underpriviledged children.

Vibha Atlanta Team (As seen in Khabar)

Every year, as spring transforms the landscape of Atlanta, it is time for cricket enthusiasts to flex their muscles, settle old scores, and above all, enjoy the game they love. The Vibha Cricket tournaments provide a grand platform for them not only to celebrate their passion for the game but also to make a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of underprivileged children in India.

“While cricket brought us to Vibha, the cause of Vibha motivated us to play the tournament year after year. The causes they support in India are exemplary, with a focus on making education available for underprivileged children, a privilege many of us take for granted”, said Karun & Raj of Martin Maniacs, who have played the tournament for more than 10 years. With similar sentiments, more than 400 players, some coming from as far as Chattanooga, Columbus, and Birmingham, gathered at the Georgia Tech grounds on May 15, 16 and 22, 2010 to take part in the 12th annual Futuretech Vibha Cricket Tournament. The spirit continued in the Invitation-only Pyramid Vibha Super 16 Tournament on July 10. Rohit Kumbhar, coordinator, reported that they raised close to $30,000 that will translate into a year’s support for more than 1500 children in India.

“We have the privilege of writing a check every year, and we are proud to do that for Vibha,” said Mr. Sravan Vellanki , Chairman and President of Futuretech. Inspired by Vibha volunteers, Mr Vellanki announced that FutureTech will dedicate 1 day per employee for volunteering every year.”We have over 1000 employees; that makes 1000 days of volunteering, and we hope to make a difference through that in the community”. More...

[edit] 2009

[edit] A Few Miles for a Million Dreams…Vibha Atlanta’s 11th Annual 5k Run/Walk Race

by Jai Ganesh

September 19, 2009 saw more than 800 participants ignore rainy conditions to celebrate Vibha’s 11th annual 5k Run/Walk race at Georgia Tech. In an affirmation of support for Vibha’s mission to raise awareness of underprivileged children in India, the event raised close to $50,000 through pledges, sponsorships and race proceeds.

Racers of all ages, from 5 year olds to 60+, started the day with a light warm-up led by Aarti Patel from Aarti Fitness. At 8:30 am sharp, the runners, followed by the walkers at 8:45 am, gathered at the start line to be flagged off by Pankaj Bolaki. Off they went! The first runner, Vick Vermvon clocked in at 18:59 mins, followed by Randy Long (19:51 min). Melanie Hall led the female runners (22:03 mins), followed by Marilyn Soleti (23:00 mins). The walkers were led by Sundar Bharadwaj in the male category and by Urvashi Patel in the female category. And there were many more, from Nina Gummadi who won the under 15 female category to Puspa Khanna who won the 61+ female category. Even as the race went on, kids had a blast with face painting, clown balloon art, beanbag toss, cookie decoration and more – activities more numerous than the raindrops pelting the pavement! More...

[edit] Pyramid Consulting Super16 2009 Press Release

by Pankaj Bolaki

Atlanta is a cricket crazy city! The testimonial to that is the 7th Annual Pyramid Consulting Super 16 cricket Cup, which was organized on June 14th, a month after the FurtureTech Vibha Cricket Cup in which 46 teams participated.

This year the tournament shifted to a new venue - The Webb Bridge baseball grounds in Alpharetta which is the practice ground to many of the teams participating and it was like playing in home conditions. The clay grounds require you to have a disciplined bowling attack if you need to win the tournament. The winners this year were Alpharetta Monsters - Kings. Congratulations to them.

The storyline in the FutureTech Vibha Cricket Cup was the Monsters getting soundly defeated in the first round. Therefore, they were determined to win this tournament and redeemed themselves with resounding victories in all the 5 matches. There was no team that could match their skills in any of their games. The Alpharetta Monsters are probably the best hard tennis ball cricket team in Atlanta. More...

[edit] FutureTech Vibha Cricket Cup 2009 Press Release

Khabar - June 2009 by Pankaj Bolaki

Every year during the month of May, Atlantans who love cricket gather at Georgia Tech for the FutureTech Vibha Cricket Cup, and this year the contest was between 46 teams involving over 400 players and participants.

The tournament started on May 9th, and was inaugurated by Clayton Lambert, a former West Indian cricketer and current coach of the USA cricket team. A total of 32 games were held during the first weekend with the first match starting at 8 AM and the last match ending around 9 PM each day. During the first weekend, usually not many upsets are expected, and the best teams breeze through the early rounds without much hassle.

However, this year was different and defending champions Alpharetta Monsters Kings lost to Rapid IT. Monsters needed to chase 75 runs in 10 overs which is a par score but a really good bowling and fielding effort from Rapid IT caused the biggest upset in the history of the tournament and the former champions remain that only. Unfortunately, RapidIT’s victory took all the gas out of them and were defeated by Chattanooga Titans, a team that is playing this tournament for the ninth year. More...

[edit] Vibha Khel Mela 2009 Press Release

Khabar - May 2009 by Shama Perveen

Khel mela is one of the major flagship charity events organized annually by Vibha to help raise funds for projects supporting the under-privileged children in India. This year, Khel Mela 2009 was organized at the Riverwood high school gymnasium in Fulton county on March 21. It was a fun-filled day with indoor table tennis and chess tournaments and various other awareness events. Since it’s inception in 1991, Vibha has strived continuously to create brighter futures for underprivileged children around the world. The success of fund-raising events like the Khel Mela can not only be measured by the number of people who register to participate each year but primarily by the growing network of volunteers who pledge to make Vibha and its objectives a success. Set up in 1996, the Atlanta chapter was one of the first few Vibha action centers in the US. Over past two decades, the Vibha family has grown from a few volunteers in one state to over 825 active volunteers spread across the US and India. Several projects are planned and executed annually through this strong volunteer fraternity.

The Khel Mela event this year witnessed an enthusiastic crowd from all age-groups and occupation. As the day unfolded, the Riverwood gymnasium was packed with cheerful abundance - kids, accompanying parents and adult participants - all eager to compete against each other and claim ownership on the titles. The event was facilitated largely in part due to the generous sponsorship by Sanket Systems. Along with the patrons, volunteers and participating audience; Vibha extends special thanks to the faculty, staff and students of Riverwood high school. Without their support and cheerful camaraderie, the seventh annual Khel Mela 2009 would not have been a fruitful charitable event this year as well. More...

[edit] Sri Vighneswara Vaibhavam – A Huge Success!

Vibha Atlanta Team

“Sri Vighneswara Vaibhavam”, an original production of Srivaani Kuchipudi Academy performed as a fund-raiser for Vibha is yet anoth er landmark in the growing tradition of classical music and dance in Atlanta. When the “Mangalam” was over, the long and thunderous applause from the house-full capacity of audience is a testament to four years of meticulous choreography and planning by Smt. Revathi Komanduri, and months of dedicated practice by her students.

“This is my humble attempt in furthering the art of Kuchipudi in the best way that I can. It is my offering to my Guru Padmabhushan Dr. Vempati China Satyam garu” said Smt. Komanduri. “With the blessings of Lord Vinayaka and my guru, we presented this dance drama. I am particularly proud today because we presented this ballet with an almost all-girls cast, most of whom were born and raised in this country with the best of values, best of academics and most importantly best of parents. It also gives me immense pleasure because the net proceeds from this program will be given to the child development projects of Vibha, which is striving very hard to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children” she added. More...

[edit] Sri Vighneswara Vaibhavam – Culmination of a dream, a tradition and a cause

Vibha Atlanta Team

The Srivaani Kuchipudi Dance Academy, in association with Vibha, will be presenting the Kuchipudi dance drama “Sri Vighneswara Vaibhavam” on January 10, 2009 at the Rialto Center for the Arts of Georgia State University in Atlanta. This dance drama is an original production of the academy, with original script, songs and music written in India by eminent artists exclusively for this production. The ballet, which has been in the works for the past three years, will be performed by the students of the academy.

Smt. Revathi Komanduri, the Directory of the Academy said “With the blessings of my Guru, Padma Bhushan Vemapti Chinna Satyam garu and Lord Vinayaka, it is with great pride and pleasure that the academy presents this dance drama to the appreciative audience of Atlanta. I am proud today because we are presenting this ballet with an almost all-girls cast, most of whom were born and raised in this country with the best of values, best of academics and most importantly best of parents. Kuchipudi used to be performed only by men even until just fifty years ago and as you can see, it has come a long way – all of the leading male roles in this drama are played by females. This particular production is especially dear to me because a majority of the production’s work was done by women. More...

[edit] 2008

[edit] Over 1,000 join Vibha's Dream Mile 5k Walk/Run

Vibha Atlanta Team

The race, held on the morning of Sept. 27, witnessed enthusiastic walkers, runners and volunteers making every bit of effort to bring cheer to less privileged children in the United States and India.

The event raised over $50,000, which will support the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Georgia and Alabama and child development projects for poor children in India.

Registrations started at 7 a.m., followed by a warm up session with Priya Chellani of Aarti Fitness, a personal training studio in Atlanta. The race was flagged off by actress Michelle Massey (lead actress of the film Blind Ambition). Well-known music bands Clusters of Grey and Sham-e-Sargam entertained the crowd by performing live pop/rock and Bollywood hits. Vibha also organized a series of children’s activities including face painting, balloon art, bead art, sudoku and a drawing competition. More...

[edit] The Vibha Cricket Cup – Ten years and running in Atlanta

Mallick Huggahalli

With the IPL tournament taking center stage in the cricket world, the world is watching a revolution take place in the way cricket is played and enjoyed. However, Atlanta cricket enthusiasts are probably not entirely unaccustomed to this style of slam bang cricket, where sixes and fours fly in all directions and fielders hurl themselves with great vigor on super hot days in the sun and under flood lights. Yes, we are talking about the Vibha Cricket Tournament held on the Georgia Tech University SAC field every year for the past decade.

It is only this past year, since India captured the T20 World Cup, that most of India started taking notice of this abridged version of the game that one could enjoy in a matter of 3 hours. Packaged like most American and European sports and entertainment events, T20 has started to draw in millions of casual cricket fans in to this format – that promises non-stop action for the duration of the game. Interestingly, in the West Indies, in America and even in Pakistan, T20 games have been popular for years. In India and elsewhere, purists had mostly turned their heads from this fascinating formula – where agricultural, cross-batted, innovative slogging is encouraged and applauded and a bowler that gives away just 7 runs an over is seen as a match-winner. More...

[edit] FutureTech contributes $10,000 to Vibha

Vibha Atlanta Team

FutureTech Consultants becomes the Title Sponsor of the 10th Annual Vibha Cricket tournament with a contribution of $10,000. The volunteers of Vibha express their sincere appreciation to Mr. Sravan Vellanki for sharing the excitement of organizing this tournament and for his moral, logistical and financial support in making it a huge success over several years.

Confirming the sponsorship, Mr. Sravan Vellanki said “We at FutureTech are proud to continue our sponsorship of such a worthwhile organization as Vibha through the 10th Annual Vibha Cricket Tournament. Vibha makes such an enormous impact in the lives of children who need our help, and I am confident that this tournament will assist in generating the funds and awareness that are so vital to that mission.” More...

[edit] Vibha Khel Mela receives community support year after year

India Tribune

The 2008 Khel Mela, Vibha’s 6th annual charity chess and table tennis tournament, took place on March 15th, at the gaming center Waba Game, in Duluth. A tornado had hit Atlanta for the first time ever the night before, and the weather reports predicted severe thunderstorms and hail for the day. Fortunately, in the early morning the raging storms finally subsided, and droves of our ever enthusiastic players showed up at the venue. The 2008 Khel Mela got off to a lively start as planned with the men’s table tennis singles tournament at 9 AM and the chess tournament at 10 AM. More...

[edit] 2007

[edit] Vibha’s The Dream Mile 5K – a Trailblazer Event

Vibha Atlanta Team

The Dream Mile 5K – Vibha’s ninth annual run/walk event to support the cause of underprivileged children in India and USA, was held on Sept 22nd, 2007 at the Yellow Jacket Park on Georgia Tech campus. The event was also held across seven cities in the United States as part of a community service program. More than 500 participants and 100 volunteers gathered with a purpose of running/walking a few miles and helping several underprivileged children.

Energetic volunteers of Vibha and members of Alpha Iota Omicron, Sigma Beta Rho, India Club, GSU-ICE and SALSA-Emory were seen milling around the race venue as early as 5 am that morning. Aarti Patel from Aarti Fitness got the crowd and the participants going with an aerobic workout. More...

[edit] "Indian Ocean" Concert Press Release

Vibha Atlanta Team

It was an unusual day. After days of sweltering heat, it had rained. Possibly, the rains were welcoming the advent of Indian music to the land of Atlanta. Music that is so unique that it refuses to fit into any genre. To classify it as rock would be an understatement, to fit it into jazz would be injustice at best. The truth is that band itself does not care. The artists would like to call themselves “Indian Ocean” and nothing short. Vibha in collaboration with IIT Southeast Alumni was organizing a cultural event and by inviting Indian Ocean to perform live they could not do it any better.

Indian Ocean is a contemporary fusion music band from India. Its unique music encompasses shlokas, sufism, environmentalism, mythology and revolution to name a few. Formed by Susmit (Lead Guitar player) and Asheem (Tabla, Percussions and Vocals), the band formed a full circle when Rahul Ram (Bass Guitarist) and Amit Kilam (Drums, Vocals) joined the group. Their first album, INDIAN OCEAN went on to be a huge hit, selling over 40,000 copies within a year of its release. They really struck gold with the release of their most popular work Kandisa. More...

[edit] Pyramid Consulting Super 16 Cricket 2007!
Blue Panthers retain Supremacy in Vibha Cricket

Vibha Atlanta Team

By winning two major tournaments in less than two months, Blue Panthers proved once again that they are the Australians of Cricket in Atlanta. Having won the FutureTech Vibha Tournament in May very convincingly, they once again showed their supremacy and determination on June 30th and clinched the Pyramid Consulting Vibha Cricket Super-16 Corporate Challenge.

The Super-16 Corporate Challenge was an off-shoot of the larger tournament held in May. In this event, the top teams from the May tournament were pitted against each other, and some corporate teams joined the fray as well. It was a huge success, raising valuable funds for child development projects supported by Vibha in India. For a complete list of projects currently funded by Vibha, please visit

The entire tournament was finished in one day, with matches being played in parallel on the Georgia Tech astro-turf field. The matches started promptly at 8AM, and continued all day. Winners battled not only their opponents but also soaring temperatures of more than ninety degrees as they advanced through the rounds. The final match began at 9.30PM in flood lights and the event came to a late (yet spectacular) finish at 11.30PM. All the players and the volunteers, though exhausted, were happy to have completed yet another successful Vibha tournament. More...

[edit] Records Galore at FutureTech Vibha Cricket 2007!

Vibha Atlanta Team

Atlanta, GA: Cricket: it gives us joy. It brings us sorrow. It gives us hope. It gives us friends. It brings us together. It divides us at times. It brings out our character. It’s almost a religion for some. It gives us tension. It relieves our tension. At the end of the day, it gives us a reason to celebrate life; something to look forward to and for some, there is no bigger joy than watching a great game of cricket. And imagine the feeling to be part of such a game. Being on the field on the last ball of the last over. Vibha cricket is no different. It has all the above and more. It not only provides great entertainment and excitement to a lot of players and fans, it also helps bring smile to hundreds of underprivileged children.

The venue is the same: the grounds at Georgia Tech, Atlanta. The rules are the same. But any similarity with previous years ends there. The 9th Annual FutureTech Vibha Cricket 2007 saw a lot more excitement, a lot more thrills, and broke several records. Over two weekends in May, more than 450 players from fifty four teams (the biggest Vibha Cricket Cup ever), from all over Atlanta and other cities – Chattanooga, Columbus, Birmingham - played their hearts out to chase the trophy in this knockout tournament. The tournament was off to a great start with the Chief guest, Mr. Kenneth Cutshaw, Honorary Counsel for India in Atlanta, present to grace the occasion. “I truly believe in the cause of Vibha of helping underprivileged children lead a better life, and encourage all participants to support the cause”, he remarked while formally inaugurating the tournament. More...

[edit] Thrilling Finale at Vibha Khel Mela! 2007

Vibha Atlanta Team

Atlanta, GA: “Come Flaunt Your Skills” was the tagline on the Vibha Khelmela’07 flyers, and indeed, they turned up in throngs. Children and adults of all ages showed up in large numbers at Global Mall in Norcross to participate in the Vibha Khelmela - a “Ping Pong Panorama” with Chess and Carom competitions that continued for two days over the weekend of February 3rd and 4th. Table tennis and Carom started on February 3rd and Chess was played on February 4th. This year’s Khelmela, sponsored by Delta Information Systems, saw a significant increase in corporate sponsorships and personal donations for the cause of Vibha. Also, other sports organizations like the Junior Atlanta Table Tennis Association (JATTA) and Gwinnett Table Tennis Association (GTTA) teamed up with Vibha to make the tournament an even bigger success. More...

[edit] 2006

[edit] 1600* Miles for Smiles! - Winners List

Vibha Atlanta Team

Atlanta, GA: On September 23rd 2006, more than 500 Atlantans walked and ran 3.1 miles in the 8th Annual Vibha 5K across the Georgia Tech campus and along the scenic 17th street bridge. It was a walk with a purpose: to Educate, to Empower, to Enable; and to bring a beautiful smile to the faces of hundreds of underprivileged children..

Vibha, a non-profit organization which funds carefully selected child development projects in India and in USA, has in the last 15 years raised over six million dollars to support more than 110,00 children. Its mission is to empower underprivileged children to become the supporting pillars of society. With just one full-time administrative employee in USA and three in India to monitor the projects, Vibha is a truly grassroots organization built on the dedication of its incredible volunteer team who help with organizing fund raising events as well as in project selection and monitoring.

The Vibha 5K has become a hallmark event on the Atlanta community calendar evident from the 650 odd registrations and sponsorships from several corporations. More...

[edit] Primus Software - Delta Info Sys Super 16 Trophy

Vibha Atlanta Team

Atlanta, GA: Cricket fans in Atlanta have had a quite a busy season of cricket this year. We already had the 2006 Future Tech Vibha cricket tournament with a record 49 teams and then the India West Indies series from the Caribbean, that ended with an Indian victory for the first time in 35 years. Apparently that wasn't enough and we wanted more. Our cricket appetite is insatiable around here. With many of the top teams clamoring to impose their superiority and strut their stuff once again, Vibha took the opportunity to get the elite together again for a knock-out tournament . The top 16 teams from the Future Tech Vibha tournament were invited to compete for the Primus Software - Delta Info Sys Super 16 Trophy on July 8th, 2006.

We are usually praying for clear skies and no rain during Vibha cricket events. This time, we were looking for some respite from the sun, hoping for a little bit of cloud cover at the very least. We had no such luck as it turned out to be a blazing hot day, as was to be expected in July in Atlanta. More...

[edit] Thrilling Finale at Vibha Khel Mela! 2006

Vibha Atlanta Team

Atlanta, GA: The Championship match in Table Tennis between Rajat Dua and Ajay Aphale was an absolute thriller! It reminded us – well, some of us – of the great matches between the Indian paddlers Manjit Dua, Kamlesh Mehta and Chandrasekhar. Vibha KhelMela, organized in Global Mall on March 18th and 19th, brought back memories for everyone – memories of intercollegiate matches, inter-hostel matches, and of impulsive duels on street corners. Fabulous forehand top-spins, controlled backhand chops, deceptive serves, all were exhibited with panache in the Table Tennis final. After giving away a two game lead at 10-12 and 5-11, Dua fought back and won the next two games at 11-6 and 12-10. Aphale bounced back hard and took the next game easily at 11-6. The next two games were a test of nerves and both the players responded amazingly well, producing some of the most scintillating games of table tennis ever witnessed in the four year history of Vibha KhelMela. Dua exhibited controlled aggression and won the next game at 11-8, making it three games each and setting the stage for a grand finale. In a game of changing fortunes, Dua peaked at the right time and produced the match-winning burst of strokes to take the game and match at 11-8 More...

[edit] 2005

[edit] Large Turnout for Vibha 5K Run/Walk - Winners List / Pictures

Vibha Atlanta Team

Vibha 5K, an event to support the cause of underprivileged children in India and USA, is aptly called the PAVE A PATH Run/Walk. In its seventh year and counting, this event has become a trailblazer in the Atlanta community calendar! More than 500 participants and 100 volunteers gathered on a bright Saturday morning on September 24th with a purpose and a clear vision that the small steps they take that morning will bring the moon to many a needy child. The carnival atmosphere, the family participation, and the buzzing about of committed volunteers were all a reaffirmation of continued support from the Atlanta community at large. The pledge drive associated with the Vibha Run/Walk is still going on, and you are requested to make your donation at This is truly a deserving cause. More...

[edit] May Madness gets crazier at Vibha Cricket!

Anurag Goel - Atlanta Duniya

Blame it on their youth, or their superior technique and skill – the dominance of GT Playboys at Vibha Cricket has always been on display over the last few years. It is surprising then, that this is only the first time that they have actually won the Vibha Cricket Cup! The PlayBoys from Georgia Tech convincingly defeated the defending champions – Blue Panthers – in the quarter finals, and another strong team – The Invincibles - in the semifinals before finally trouncing the Chattanooga Titans in the final match of the 7th Annual FutureTech Vibha Cricket Cup. More...

[edit] Last ball thriller at Andy's Grill Vibha Super-16 Challenge

Vibha Atlanta Team

Atlanta, GA: Why is it that Vibha Cricket produces last-ball thrillers, year after year, tournament after tournament? Is it the Never-say-Never attitude of some players or the nerve-racking pressure taking its toll on the others? How does one explain the last over requiring 20 runs quickly turning into just one boundary being required off the last ball? After bringing it to a cliffhanger like that, how could the Chattanooga team fall short by one run? Just one run?

We can not explain this madness. All we can do is to enjoy the excitement and want more of it next year! More...

[edit] 2004

[edit] FutureTech Vibha Cricket 2004 Results

[edit] Vibha Khel Mela 2004 unravels community's fascination for indoor sports

Vibha Atlanta Team

Vibha organized Khel Mela 2004, at the Global Mall on Jimmy Carter Boulevard on February 28th and 29th).

The overwhelming participation and big crowd turn out for the event reflected the competitive spirits together with the Indian community's undeterred patronage for Vibha and the passionate causes that it represents - that of grass root support for education, health, shelter and child labor prevention for the underprivileged children in the remotest of villages in India.

The local community's support for Vibha at Khel Mela 2004 was evident with the sponsorship endorsement by Global Mall, Omnisoft and Andy's Grill. Speaking at the valedictory ceremony, Mr. Shiv Agarwal, the owner of Global appreciated the volunteer spirit and dedication of volunteers for Vibha. He applauded the efforts of volunteers to raise awareness and resources for the causes in India. More...

[edit] Vibha Pulls-off a Colorful and Fun-Filled Evening to help the Future of India, its children!

Vibha Atlanta Team

Atlanta, GA: The music was splendid, the dancing rhythmic, the attires lavish, and the atmosphere joyous at the Vibha Springfest – an annual jamboree or traditional Indian Dandia and Bhangra festive dancing! The three hundred gu'ests who came together on a magnificent spring evening on April 24th at Sardar Bhavan danced the night away from 9PM to 2AM in the morning, and they also helped raise money to support the cause of underprivileged children in India. As usual, the volunteers of Vibha put together another well-executed event! The event was sponsored by Maharaja Restaurant.

The Dandia featured Sur-Sangam, which was back by popular demand – thanks to their adaptive musical renditions combining popular film songs with the traditions of raas and garba. The Bhangra featured some fine disc spinning by DJ Ashu and a well-choreographed dance performance led by Kiran Bindra, founder of the Bhangra Elite dance troupe. More...

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